where do part worn tyres come from

Where do part worn tyres come from

For most people, part worn tyres are the best option especially if the car has been in use for a long time. Most regions don’t prohibit the use of used tyres but given the important role tyres play in a vehicle, such regions have rules in place to ensure the […]

Are Part Worn Tyres Safe

In the current economic climate we all want to stretch our budget as much possible so that we can meet the demands of life. Buying part worn tyres has become a trend in the UK for motorists to want to save money or can’t afford brand new tyres. But are […]

The use of Road Tyres for Mountain Bikes

For some people, riding a mountain bike on the road is out of place. However, it is quite common in the country. One of the measures that you can take to make the mountain bike suitable for riding on the road is reducing some of the features that make it […]

20 tonne bottle jack mechanic

20 Ton Bottle Jacks – The Practical Uses

What are Hydraulic Bottle Jacks? Hydraulic bottle jacks come in many sizes and capacities, with the ability to lift several tons. These devices are very sturdy, strong, and safe to use (they come with a safety overload protection valve). Most of the Jacks are made with steel, but the ones […]

axle cradle

Safe Ways to Use Bottle Jack Axle Cradle

When we talk about getting maintenance work for your vehicle, you would typically need to lift it at some point. Whether you’re thinking of getting an oil change or a tire, while there are a lot other options you get various carrier ramps or also 2 and 4 post jacks, […]

Low Profile Bottle Jacks

Advantages of a Low Profile Bottle Jacks

Nowadays, bottle jacks have become popular among professional mechanics and DIY enthusiasts because of their numerous advantages. So in this article, you will try to give you more information regarding bottle jacks including focusing on the advantages of low profile bottle jacks. So if you are curious about knowing the […]