Fiat 500 Tyre Pressure Reset

Before you reset the TPMS on your Fiat 500 ensure that all the tyres are at the correct pressure using a suitable tyre inflator and tyre pressure gauge.

There are various Fiat 500 models out there. This method should work on the Fiat 500 models with a dashboard that has 3 buttons to access and use the menu on the dashboard.

Illustration of the 3 buttons you will see on the dashboard.

Steps you need to follow

  • As you look at your dashboard you will hopefully notice 3 buttons on the right hand side of the dial
  • The bottom or the lowest of the 3 buttons is used to access the menu where you can reset the tyre pressure.
  • As you click the menu button you will notice the display on the dash will change by showing the “Menu” text on the electronic screen.
  • To reach the option to reset the tyre pressure on the menu you will need to use the two other buttons. These two buttons are labelled as plus and minus or will have up/down arrows.
  • You will now be able to move up and down the various menu options using the two buttons.
  • Use the plus and minus button to find the “Reset Tyres” menu option. Once this option is selected using the menu button you will need to confirm the reset.
  • Once the reset has been saved by the “Saved” message being display you can use the plus and minus buttons to scroll through to the exit menu option to exit the menu screen.
  • You should have now reset the tyre pressure on your fiat 500.

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