Michelin 12262 Inflator Rapid Review

Michelin 12262 Inflator RapidMichelin 12262 Inflator Rapid Review

The Michelin 12262 Inflator Rapid is an electric tyre inflator that is capable of meeting the expectation of anyone who needs an inflator that can inflate tyres, as well as other inflatable items like balls and toys. Moreover, the great features of the device make it a great asset to have in the car and at home.

Product Overview

What makes the Michelin 12262 Inflator Rapid a popular choice among buyers is the fact that it has great features that come with an affordable price. The fact that it can inflate both tyres and other inflatable items makes it a great product to have at home or in your vehicle when needed.

One of the great features of this electric tyre inflator is the fact that it features a digital display. Therefore, you will be able to see when the tyres reach the correct tyre pressure. Moreover, the digital readout is backlit and can measure the pressure in both psi and bar. Also, the pressure gauge is backlit and easy to detach. To make things better, the device also features LED lights for an easy night use.

Another great thing about this electric tyre inflator is that it has all the connectors and adaptors that you need to inflate tyres and a wide range of inflatable items like inflatable balls and toys. The inflator can fully inflate a deflated tyre in less than 3 minutes. In other words, it is easy to use and also very fast.

The item is designed to be small in order to be easy to store in the car or in the house. Furthermore, it comes with a 12 V vehicle adapter, which allows you to use it whenever you desire, regardless of where you are. It also features a cable and a hose. Click here to read a full description.

Key Features of the Michelin 12262 Inflator Rapid

  • It features a digital display with a backlit readout that can measure the pressure in psi and bar
  • It features a detachable pressure gauge
  • It is designed with LED lights for ease of use during night time
  • It comes with connectors and adaptors for inflating tyres and a wide range of inflatable items
  • It comes with a 12 V vehicle adapter, a cable and a hose

Michelin 12262 Inflator Rapid


  • The inflator has great features like the detachable pressure gauge and the digital display.
  • The various connectors and adaptors are also a great feature of this inflator.
  • LED lights for ease of use during night time


There were some who commented that the device had over inflated tyres.

Customer Reviews

The majority of the Michelin 12262 Inflator Rapid’s reviews are positive. Users were happy with how the device worked. Some even commented on its ease of use and sturdiness. Alas, while some were satisfied, some were not. They commented that the inflator had over inflated tyres.

The Michelin 12262 Inflator Rapid has been reviewed by 33 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 3.8 out of 5. Click here to read more customer reviews.

“This arrived yesterday and used it as soon as I got home. Check my car, the wifes car, both our bikes. It was getting dark so the LED lights on it are excellent and work well. Save the hassle of going to the petrol station where they don’t work most of the time.”

Nik Parmar, Amazon Customer Review

“This is a great product, works very easily, however this purchase was a replacement for one of the same that failed, so the longevity may not be that good.”

Garry M Cullen, Amazon Customer Review

Michelin 12262 Inflator Rapid


To conclude, the Michelin 12262 Inflator Rapid has great features and is very affordable. I highly recommend this device to those who need a small and efficient inflator that can inflate tyres and various inflatable items. Click here for the latest prices, ratings and customer reviews on Amazon.

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