Tyre Pressure Gauge Screwfix – Models Comparison

Hi. I thought I would write a post about on some of the available tyre pressure gauge Screwfix. At the present moment there are a couple of different models available. The two most popular both come with an analogue display. One is available from manufacturer PCL and the other one is from Laser.

The PCL unit can measure tyre pressure between 0 and  170 PSI compared to the Laser model measures between 1 – 130 PSI. However the Laser unit also comes with a tyre depth gauge to ensure your tyres tread meets the legal UK requirement.

At the time of writing this post the PCL DPG1H03 was priced at £22.99 whilst the Laser gauge was priced at £19.99, so not much of a difference just a couple of pounds.

In terms of accuracy the PCL model is accurate to 1.6% compared to the Laser model at ±3%, so the PCL unit is more accurate.

Currently there are only a few reviews for each model from Screwfix customers so it’s hard to say what the long term user satisfaction will be, however both units currently score highly on the customer rating with both having over 4 out of 5 stars when reviewed.

Checkout the images of the PCL DPG1H03 tyre pressure gauge available Screwfix.

tyre pressure gauge Screwfix PCL DPG1H03

If your interested in finding out how to use this type of analogue unit then watch the video below. Its not a video of one of a the models discussed in this post however its very similar so should given you an idea of how to use them correctly. Always read the manufacturers instructions before using a product.

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