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20 Ton Bottle Jacks – The Practical Uses

What are Hydraulic Bottle Jacks?

Hydraulic bottle jacks come in many sizes and capacities, with the ability to lift several tons. These devices are very sturdy, strong, and safe to use (they come with a safety overload protection valve). Most of the Jacks are made with steel, but the ones that lift bigger weights, are additionally enhanced with heat-treated steel.

These devices can often be found in garages, trucks, construction sides, trailers, cars, etc. They are being used to lift up big objects, such as; cars, trucks, trailers, porches, small to medium boats, wooden constructions, and more.

Hydraulic bottle jacks come with different lifting capacities, to lift different objects, starting with small cars, and all the way to lifting up a house. For some projects, several bottle jacks can be required.

How do they work?

These jacks contain a certain type of oil. The oil is being moved between two cylinders inside the jack. The jack’s plunger is pushed back, opening the suction valve, drawing the oil inside the pump chamber. With the plunger out of the way, oil moves inside the cylinder chamber through a valve. The suction valve closes, and pressure builds up inside the cylinder.

20 Ton Bottle Jack – practical uses

A 20-ton bottle jack can be used by individuals, to lift cars, trucks, small boats, trailers, repair porches, level floors, beams, etc.

It’s also being used daily, in small businesses, garages, construction, remodeling…

There are many different uses for a 20-ton bottle jack, including;

  • Lifting up cars of all sizes (for repair or to change tires)
  • Lifting up trucks and trailers
  • Lifting up porches, wooden floors, roofs, and more, to allow them to be leveled or repaired
  • Lifting up wooden houses or other bigger wooden constructions
  • Perfect for mechanics, and other small businesses where heavy loads are being lifted
  • Lifting up fallen trees in the forest
  • Leveling floors, beams, porches, decks, etc.
  • Lifting up smaller to medium motorboats and other bigger vehicles
  • Remodeling and construction
  • To lift materials in warehouses
  • To lift and repair agricultural machinery (tractors, combines…)
  • Working under the house and more

Whether you need to change the tire on your car or truck or repair your tractor, these devices will definitely do the job.

They are often used in bigger projects, such as lifting up a house! Usually, the type of the houses being lifted, are wooden constructions, to repair floors, level beams, etc. Sometimes 2-3 twenty-ton bottle jacks need to be used if you are working on a bigger project (such as lifting a house).

As these useful devices can be used by individuals, they are often used by small businesses, garages, warehouses, construction companies, and more.

20-ton bottle jacks are very useful and affordable, allowing you to lift things, that would otherwise require a service or a professional. For smaller projects (to lift cars, heavy objects at your house, etc.) bottle jacks that lift less are also available. We hope that we helped you to work out if the 20-ton bottle jack is the right thing for your business or project. Happy lifting!

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