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5 Reasons to Buy an Electric Bike Pump

Electric bikes are now a common thing but electric bike pumps have been around for even longer. The trouble is that not many people even thought about getting an electric bike pump. Usually, bike shops have classic pumps but there are a lot of advantages to getting an electric one. Some advantages are more obvious than others.

  1. Ease of Use

Electric bike pumps are very easy to use. All it takes is to connect them to the tyre valve and then press a single button. It implies almost no effort at all to use. Some electric pumps even have the option to deflate and they usually work better than any other method to remove pressure from a tyre. A regular mechanical bike pump cannot be used to deflate a tyre.

  1. Form Factor

A traditional mechanical bike pump is thin but it is much taller than an electric pump. Electric pumps are quite small in size. They may not fit inside a pocket but they take very little storage space in a backpack or toolbox. Some models are even shaped like a small flashlight. Those electric bike pumps can indeed fit inside a pocket. Their sizes can vary with each model but as a general rule, they are much more convenient to carry around.

  1. Airflow

A reliable electric air pump can inflate a tyre much faster than a person could, using a mechanical pump. Also, because there is no effort involved, there is no fatigue. You can inflate as many times as you need without putting in any effort at all. Depending on the type of electric pump and motor used, the electric pump can be capable of inflating tyres much faster because of the higher airflow output.

  1. Pressure Control

A compact bike pump usually does not have a pressure gauge. Electric pumps can have a digital gauge and can be set to inflate the tyre until it reaches a certain pressure. These pumps are quite accurate and do not lose pressure. Not all-electric models have such a feature but it can be quite useful. The pressure gauge can also be used to check if the tyre maintains the pressure or if it has a puncture causing it to deflate slowly.

  1. Pricing

Surprisingly, an electric bike pump is not that expensive. An aluminum mechanical pump can be more expensive than a digital electric pump. It would not make much sense to buy a mechanical one when electric ones are similarly priced and are much more convenient to use.

Certainly, electric bike pumps can be a better choice and have a lot of advantages over regular bike pumps. If there is one thing to complain about it would be that they usually require batteries. Depending on the motor used for the pump, the batteries will be depleted at different rates. What is important is to not get the cheapest electric bike pump since they may not be all that impressive. Be mindful and spend your money on something that looks and feels well made. Lastly, it is worth knowing that if the electric pump is well made, it can be much more durable than a regular mechanical pump.

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