Low Profile Bottle Jacks

Advantages of a Low Profile Bottle Jacks

Nowadays, bottle jacks have become popular among professional mechanics and DIY enthusiasts because of their numerous advantages.

So in this article, you will try to give you more information regarding bottle jacks including focusing on the advantages of low profile bottle jacks. So if you are curious about knowing the advantages of bottle jacks, then continue reading the article.

So before jumping to the advantages, you need to know what a bottle jack is and how it works.

What is a Bottle Jack?

A bottle jack is a jacking device or in simple words, it is a lifting device that is used to lift heavy loads. Hydraulic oil is pumped into the bottle or cylinder which helps to lift loads. The pressure by its force is responsible to lift the load.

How does a Bottle Jack works?

It works on the basic principle of Pascals law. The law states that the change in pressure will occur through the entire fluid when the pressure is applied to a confined fluid. In the hydraulic, there is a piston that provides the mechanical force to the area, the same goes for large pistons that produce heavy force.

Advantages of low profile bottle jacks

1- Cost-effective

One of the best advantages of using a bottle jack that it is very affordable. There cost low in comparison to other types of lifting devices. Another plus point is that it provides most of the benefits as the expensive ones.

2- Light weight

Unlike other jacks, bottle jacks are not that heavy. You can carry and take it anywhere you want.

3- Compact

They are compact which makes it easy to store the jack almost anywhere.

4- Very effective

The bottle jack is not only an affordable option but it is also very effective in lifting loads. It has a unique design that helps in lifting heavy objects very easily. You will find various units capable of lifting from 2 tonnes to 20 tonnes. Just make sure you pick the right unit for the load you intend to lift.

5- Easy to Use

Another great thing about a bottle jack is that it is very easy to use. The hydraulic fluid which is used in this is very long-lasting, which makes it reliable.

Low profile units allow you to get the jack underneath loads with a low ground clearance, this can be the case with vehicles such as modified cars.


Bottle jacks are very popular because they provides a lot of value at a reasonable cost. These were some of the benefits of a low profile bottle jack.

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