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Air Hawk Pro Inflator Features and Spare parts

The efficiency of a vehicle will decrease if the tyres are not properly inflated and it will reduce the life of the tyres. Hence many people who are driving their vehicle over long distances are looking for a suitable portable tyre inflator which they can easily carry with them in their vehicle. The Air Hawk Pro inflator is one of the most popular portable tyre inflators available in the United States. In addition to inflating the tyres of a wide range of vehicles, the portable inflator from Ontel products can be also used for inflating other items like mattresses, inflatable toys and sports equipment.

The portable car tyre inflator can be used to inflate the tyre or other items to a pressure level which is specified by the user, depending on the optimal pressure level for the tyre. The user can adjust the pressure level of the item which is being inflated between zero and 110 psi, and there are controls on the panel to adjust the pressure level. A digital display is also provided to show the pressure level of the device. One of the main advantages of using this inflator compared to other inflators, is that it will inflate the tyre, toy or mattress to the desired pressure level quickly.

Replacement parts of the Air Hawk Pro

Like all electromechanical devices, some parts of the AirHawkpro inflator are likely to get damaged or malfunction over a period of time. The battery, charger, hose, and other parts may get damaged after a few years, especially if they are used frequently. Hence users of the inflator will be looking for suppliers of Spares for the inflator. It is important to note down the product number or part number of the spare so that they can replace the damaged part with a spare part having the same specifications. If there is even a slight mismatch in the design, the spares may not be suitable.

Generally speaking if you have a receipt and the unit is within the warranty period you should contact the retailer you bought the air hawk pro from to discuss a direct replacement for the unit or the replacement of specific parts. However if you need a spare after the warranty period has ended, you have lost the receipt or you were given the unit as a gift and don’t have a receipt you could get in contact with the Customer Services Department at the manufacturer Ontel.

Like other manufacturer Ontel products is selling replacement spare parts for the inflator. The inflator user can check the website of Air Hawk pro, to check if the required spares are available. One of the advantages of purchasing spares from Ontel products is that the buyer will not have to worry about mismatch in the specifications of the spares, since they are OEM spares. These spares will also be of reasonably good quality. The only disadvantage is that the spares are likely to be fairly expensive, so repairing a compressor with many malfunctioning parts will be expensive

You may also purchase spares from other companies after ensuring that the specifications of the electrical and mechanical parts are compatible. Most companies selling auto spares may have portable inflator spares with them, since the Airhawk pro is one of the most popular inflators available in the USA and the UK. However, the most convenient and easiest way to purchase spares is from the various online marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay, which are stocking a large variety of spares. It is advisable to check the feedback for the user, before placing the order, to check the quality of the spares supplied.

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