Air Hawk Pro – Rechargeable Inflator Review

In this post we wanted to review the Air hawk pro. We first came across this handheld inflator during an Ad break and thought it looked cool and seemed to have some good features.

Appearance wise this Air Hawk Pro looks like a handheld drill, somewhat different then the traditional square digital inflators like the popular Ring Rac635.

This is a handheld, automatic cordless compressor that has been designed for the purpose of inflating almost any item with an air valve including tyres on a car or bike, inflatable toys, sports equipment, and much more.

The Air Hawk Pro will help you to avoid the often inconvenient way of inflating sports equipment or flat tyres which involves going to the nearest fuel/gas station or using bulky air compressors and in some cases resorting to using a foot pump.

Key Features

This unit comes with numerous features which enables you to save time when filling sports equipment, tires, etc.

Digital Pressure Gauge

This unit has a digital pressure gauge that is linked to an auto stop feature. This feature is important since the pressure level can be set to a specific level and the inflator will stop at the correct or right pressure preventing over inflation. The LED readout is useful even in poor light conditions in comparison to a traditional analogue dial.

Attachments and Accessories

The Air Hawk Pro is supplied with a set of accessories that includes numerous air nozzles essential to inflate a wide range of items such as sports equipment, air mattresses, inflatable toys, car and bike tyres.

  • rechargeable battery
  • mains Charger
  • threaded 15cm air hose fitting
  • narrow pin fitting
  • wide pin fitting
  • car adapter
  • manual
  • carrying case

The Air Hawk Max model comes with some extra accessories including a threaded 50cm hose fitting, Presta adaptor and a deluxe carry case.


This unit is also equipped with a lithium ion rechargeable battery making this unit cordless so it becomes easier to move and access valves that are hard to reach. For those of you worried about when the battery runs out of power the manufacturer supplies a car adapter to power the unit using the 12V outlet in the car.


When you compare the speed of Air Hawk Pro with a bulky air compressor, you will find that the bulkier air compressors may inflate the tyre quicker. However the it has been found that this unit will still only take between 5-7 minutes to inflate a flat tyre, which is pretty quick in my book. This unit is definitely faster when compared to using a foot pump.

Ease of Use

The unit weighs just over a kilo so is fairly easy to handle for a period of time without suffering from fatigue. The handheld and cordless nature of the unit allows a user to get to hard to reach air valves.

Once you have picked the relevant nozzle and attached it to the ai valve, you set the pressure and pull on the trigger to start the inflation process.

Change Pressure Units

You only need to simply press a button to change the type of pressure (kPa, PSI, and bar) shown on the device back on the LED gauge. You can also pre-set a level of pressure measure and hence, the device is able to shut off once the right level has been reached or achieved.

Auto Shut off

After 30 seconds of being unused the unit has been designed to conserve battery power so will automatically turn off.

LED Light

If you unlucky enough to have to inflate a tyre during the night then visibility could be a problem but the Air Hawk Pro has solved this issue with its built-in LED light. So it becomes possible for you to find the air valve quickly even if its pitch black.


This model comes with a standard 1-year warranty, so if anything goes wrong with unit in terms of it malfunctioning or parts falling off then you should be able to get a replacement.

Battery Life

The12V Rapid Rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack included and meant for cordless use takes about 3 hours to be fully charged. When fully charged, the rechargeable battery is able to last about 12 minutes and inflate about 2 nearly-flat tyres. You will receive a mains charger for the rechargeable battery.

As mentioned earlier you do get a car power adaptor in the event you need to power the unit using the car’s 12V power outlet. The power cord is over 3 metres in length so you should have no problem reaching all four tyres on a car.

Cost In Comparison To Other Compressors

When you are searching for either portable tyre inflator or handheld air compressor online, you will find many alternatives to Air hawk pro. When comparing the models in terms of cost, you will see that most of them are priced between £20 and £50.00. Portable models that are slightly larger are priced between £30 and £50.00. The Air Hawk Pro at the time of writing this post was available from online retailers at £49.99. Check the current price of this inflator on

User Impressions

Even though this device may not be able to substitute the standard air compressor, still it manages to be more convenient, if you need the addition of pumped air to your car or bicycle tyre.

The compact design of the Air Hawk makes easy to carry and to store away in almost any drawer, cabinet, or car making it convenient.

For most users, the portability, size, and convenience of this model make it stand out among its competitors. On Amazon this model has received over 400 user reviews with a rating of over 4.0 out of 5.0 making it one of the best rated portable air inflators on the Amazon site.

Some users have have complaints about the build quality of the unit, however as mentioned earlier you do get a 12 month warranty with this model and can send it back to the retailer or manufacturer if you encounter problems with the build quality.

Replacement Parts

You can get replacement air hawk pro parts of this compressor through various online marketplaces and on its official website. Some of the available replacement parts that can be purchased include compressed air horse, valve adapter, AC battery charger, Lithium-ion battery, etc.

Troubleshooting Common Problems

It is possible to fix any issues encountered with Air Hawk provided you follow the user manual. If you are not sure about what should be done or you are nervous, then you may have to rely on a professional to help. One of the common problems is battery lifetime loss. You can avoid this problem by removing the rechargeable battery from the device and storing it in a cool dry place. You can also help in conserving battery power by turning off the device when not in use.

In a situation where the device is not working even after being turned on, you may consider recharging the battery or replacing the rechargeable battery. You can also replace the battery if it is not taking charge.


  • Small and compact design to fit in a toolbox or a glove compartment
  • Relatively portable and lightweight
  • Built-in LED light and thus you can see even in the dark
  • Automatically shuts off when the right pressure is reached
  • Easy to use
  • The digital pressure gauge is accurate
  • Low noise 82db for an air compressor
  • Rechargeable battery great for travel


  • May not be powerful enough to substitute mid-tier air compressors
  • Inflating heavy duty tires is a challenge


In summary, the Air Hawk Pro comes in handy if you have no access to other methods of pumping your tyres, sports equipment, and inflatable toys.

It is perfectly suited to a cycling enthusiasts who wants to keep their bikes tyres inflated. Its portable so will bit just about anywhere in a car and can be useful when your going camping or a short trip to the beach.

This unit is very easy to use and fast considering how small it is compared with other cordless tyre inflators. The unit will pump up a flat tyre but may take longer then a more heavy duty air compressor.

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