Are Space Saver Wheels Safe?

Some car manufacturers offer a space saver spare tyre to help users during emergencies such as a flat tyre. These space saver wheels are smaller then the regular car tyres helping to save space in the boot thereby providing more storage space. These are lightweight than full-sized spare tyres. However, these tyres are designed for temporary use. Also, there some restrictions for using space saver wheels. Here the question comes, are these tyres safe?

Yes, these tyres are safe when used correctly. You can use them safely while driving less than 50mph. If your vehicle is rated higher than 50 mph, then space saver wheels might not be a suitable option for you. Also, the maximum distance should not exceed fifty miles. However, these tyres are able to support your driving at low speeds for 300 miles on a good surface.

In brief, space saver tyres are completely safe when you follow the instructions. Drive slow and in favorable conditions to make your driving safe.

What Is A Space Saver Spare Wheel?

It is a smaller spare wheel designed to help users to deal with emergencies. When there is a puncture in your car, you can use this space saver wheel to replace the flat tyre and then move the car safely to a suitable garage.

Also, it can enable you to travel more than fifty miles depending on the road conditions. These are specifically made for the emergency uses. Therefore, you should never use them as a standard road type wheel.

While using a space saver tyre, you will have to consider a lot of factors. First, do not use it to replace your regular working tyres with space savers. These are not made to be used for everyday drives and tough road conditions. Also, do not use them for an extended period of time, high speeds, and even for long distances.

If your in the position of having to use a space saver then as soon as you install your space saver spare wheel, first, visit a tyre fitting technician to repair or replace the flat wheel.

Risks of Using Space Savers

You need to repair your full size tyres as soon as possible to avoid any potential risk associated with the space saver spare wheels.

According to study reports, space saver tyres can increase the stopping distance of your vehicle by around fifty percent. Also, it will reduce the cornering grip to thirteen percent. All these can risk your vehicle and you while driving on a busy road.

Also, these small space types are much thinner in comparison to the normal tyre size. Initially, these were made for sports cars. But now these are available for almost all cars. When some cars are pre-equipped with space saver spare types, others are using universal space saver spare tyres. The downside of the space savers is that these wheels are narrower that standard tyres and not able to offer the required grip like the standard tyres that make them unsafe for long distances and rough terrains.

Can You Go On the Motorway with a Spare tyre?

No, you should not use space saver tyres on the motorway. It is advised to avoid space saver spare wheels on motorways. Drivers as expected will normally drive fast on motorways at the national speed limits to remain safe. The motorway’s minimum speed for your car is 60mph and the maximum speed of the space saver tyres are rated at is 50 mph.

Any vehicle with 50 mph speed in the near side can cause a possible hazard. It can risk your vehicle regardless of the condition. Therefore, you should never use these wheels on high speed roads especially motorways to avoid a risk of becoming a road hazard.

These wheels are made for a specific purpose and would limit a driver to defense driving on motorways. All of these can lead to potential dangers. Moreover, no one knows that you are driving with a spare wheel, they will maintain their speed and you can imagine the end result. So you could use hazards if your intending on using a space saver for a short period of time on a motorway to make other drivers aware that your driving at a slower speed and that they should be more cautious when approaching your car.

Are Spare Wheels Universal?

Some vehicles come with space saver spare wheels that can be found in there boot space. However, this feature is not available in all the vehicles and is becoming less common in newer vehicles as manufacturers take advantage of supplying a puncture repair kit that includes an inflator and tyre sealant.

If your vehicle is not supplied with a space saver spare wheel and you want one then you can consider buying universal spare wheel. Yes, they are available in the market. Universal spare wheels will serve the same purpose as a space saver. So in the event of an emergency you can have these spare tyres ready and primed.

The universal spare wheels are cost-effective, convenient, easy to use, and time-saving. Universal spare wheels can fit most of the vehicles. Also, you will find wide options in universal tyres for vehicles in the current market. You can choose based on the size and load requirements of your vehicle.

Can you Tow a Caravan with a Space Saver tyre?

No, you should never tow your caravan with a space saver wheel. As far as we are aware it is not illegal. However, this is not considered safe and convenient to tow caravan with a space saver tyre. These tyres are not designed or intended to use for towing a caravan or other trailers. These space savers are narrower and lighter that standard tyres. They will not serve the same purpose since there load capacity, grip and speed rating will not match the standard tyres recommended by manufacturers.

The main purpose of the space saver tyres is to help you to repair your punctured tyre. You can simply use it to take your vehicle to the nearest service to repair or replace your tyre. You should always avoid any other usages.


Space saver spare tyres are safe in certain conditions. While using them like regular standard tyres, you can risk your vehicle and you as well.

Never use space savers on motorways. The speed of other cars on motorways can really be frightening when you will be driving your vehicle at 50 mph maximum. So, take a conscious effort to avoid motorways. Also, avoid high speeds and longer journeys.

If you are planning to tow a caravan, then think twice. Space saver spare wheels are not designed for this purpose. When your vehicle is not equipped with a spare tyre, consider buying a universal space saver spare wheel.

Always check the pressure of the space saver whenever your checking the pressure of your other tyres to ensure it is at the correct pressure when you need it. You don’t want to get a flat only to realise that the spare wheel is also flat.

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