Armor all Tyre Foam Review

There is no better way to keep your car tyres clean, shining, and attractive than using the best car care products in the market. Armor All is one of the paramount brands that have rejuvenated the car products manufacturing industry over the years. For many years, Armor All has been an industry leader in tyre care, offering its large clientele base with high-quality and trusted products.

What many car owners may not know is that Armor All is a unique brand and a pioneer in the automobile industry. It contains water, glycerin, diethylene, silicone (PDMS), glycol, and many other chemical compounds that make it the best car cleaning products brand in the market.

One of its popular cleaning products; Armor All tyre foam comes with foaming agents and propellants great for daily car tyre cleaning. Significantly, you should not have any uncertainties using tyre foam on your car and there is a lot to know about Armor All products.

About Armor All Tyre Foam

When looking for the best product to use and clean your car, don’t have any doubts picking Armor All tyre foam. It is one-of-a-kind foam formulated to meet all the needs of your dirty car tyres. When using this foam, it just takes you a few minutes to achieve clean and shining tyres.

The fast acting cleaning compounds that make up this foam easily lift dirt and stains from your car tyres, and carry it away giving your tyres a lustrous look. As you use this Armor All product, bear in mind that it can also protect your car tyres against elements that fade and crack sidewalls of your tyres.

Car tyres are highly engineered and are an important component of your car, and you should always invest in cleaning products that will offer maximum protection. Using Armor All tyres foam will help prevent cracks without damaging your car wheels and their covers. Your car tyres may crack because of extreme heat, old age, prolonged exposure to water, degradation, and extreme tyre pressure.

Many car owners wonder, whether it is possible to use Armor All tyre foam on rubber, plastic, and vinyl surfaces of their car tyres. The good news is this foam acts as a protectant and is designed to clean any form of dirt off the tyre. And it works effectively on vertical tyre surfaces where dirt can easily run off.

How to Use Tyre Foam

It is easy to use Armor All tyre foam. You just need to follow the right cleaning procedures. To get the best results, use this foam when your tyres are extremely muddy or dirty, but you have to rinse the tyres with water before you start cleaning. To use tyre foam commendably;

Shake the tyre foam container well before use.Apply to dry or wet dirty tyres. Spray foam 6-inches from tyre and in a circular and steady sweeping motion. The foaming agent in the product holds active ingredients that will easily clean tyres to perfection. Ensure the dirty tyres and their sidewalls are fully covered by the foam. Allow the tyres to dry for 5 to 10 minutes.

Bear in mind the following things before you use tyre foam;

  • Don’t use on car brakes
  • Don’t use on treads
  • Don’t use on cycle tyres or Any surface where slipperiness can pose dangers
  • The foam residue can cause stains on driveways. So, properly rinse the driveway with enough water after use.



The Armor All tyres foam is a convenient cleaning solution for your car. It does not require any wiping or rinsing and will not cause a mess upon use.

Cleans Perfectly

The foaming agents or surfactants easily lift off dirt from the tyre and carry it away.

Shines Tyres

The foam leaves tyres uniformly clean and glistening.

Protects Tyres

Tyre foam is a great protectant of tyres against degradation and cracks.


You can use your tyre foam to clean up to 35 tyres, and you don’t need extra sponges to wipe or rinse.


Don’t use on cycle tyres and treads.

Drippage can spot the driveway or cause accidents.

To Sum Up

If you are looking for a reliable solution for cleaning your car tyres, make Armor All tyre foam your number one choice. It is an impeccable product that cleans dirt in a few minutes, enhances color and protects your tyres from harmful elements.

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