Best Bottle Jack – Reviews and Buyers Guide

Bottle jacks are used in the main by mechanics and car owners to maintain their vehicles and assist them during an emergency. They are lightweight and compact so can be carried easily. Bottle jacks are especially useful when it comes to changing a vehicles tyres.

Silverline 457050 Hydraulic Jack Review

Silverline 457050

The Silverline 457050 is a hydraulic bottle jack that can be used by any mechanic as an essential tool due to its sturdy structure and lifting capacity of up to 6 tonne. It can be used suitably to lift any small vehicle.

Main features

The Silverline 457050 can be used ideally with vehicles with axle stands while draining their oil, working on tires, doing maintenance works on it and replacing coolant. Along with lifting vehicles this bottle jack can also be used for accomplishing various other projects like easily lifting joists and beams in construction projects etc.

The entire body of Silverline 457050 is made from steel to provide it greater safety, long life and reliability. Its structure will resist splitting, shattering and warping more effectively as compared to the tools made from cheaper and lighter metals. The safety overload valve fitted in this bottle jack refuses automatically to lift anything if it is overloaded. Hence it helps in preventing accidents at work site.

This bottle jack is extremely stable because of its large base so that you can lift heavy vehicles without any burden of failure on your mind. While manufacturing this jack the company has followed all the relevant standards. It has been designed for the people who are trained to use it safely by following the instructions provided with it.

The Silverline 457050 has an easily adjustable screw to adjust its height even without any technical knowledge in this regard. It can easily lift your vehicle from 158mm to 308mm so that you can easily change the tires of your car. It has a long handle that can be fitted quickly to this jack to lift a vehicle easily. You will have more secure grip on the handle while lifting the vehicle with the help of its adjustable height ram saddle with cross-section.

Lifetime Guarantee: The Company offers a guarantee for any manufacturing defect or material defect developed while using it for a period of 30 days from the date of purchasing this bottle jack. You can register your product online to avail lifetime guarantee to getting any faulty product replaced or repaired without any additional charges.


  • Lifting capacity up to 6 tonne
  • Powerful hydraulic jack to lift small as well as heavy most domestic motors including cars, and vans
  • Screw to adjust height easily
  • Minimum lifting height 197 mm
  • Maximum lifting height 382 mm


  • The release valve of this bottle jack is provided very close to the point to refill oil
  • One has to lie down to put it on the solid part of the vehicle
  • Its pumping action is limited due to the two short tubes provided with it


Though there are certain drawbacks in Silverline 457050 Hydraulic Bottle Jack still it is a useful tool for the mechanics as well as vehicle owners as they can use it to change the tires of their vehicle even if they do not have any technical knowledge in this regard. It can be used to lift all types of vehicles, small to heavy weight up to 6 tonne.

Hilka 82200120 2 Tonne Bottle Jack Review

Hilka 82200120 2 Tonne

The Hilka 82200120 Bottle Jack is a very portable jack that can hold a couple tonnes of weight. This jack will not yield when used with your car, and will help you to be on the road again quickly. The hydraulic jack comes with a handle,so you can carry it easily.

Main Features

The Hilka 82200120 Bottle Jack is a mini-sized jack that is known for its reliability. It is designed for manual operation and despite its small size, it can accommodate vehicles that weigh up to 2 tonnes. Check the identification label on your automobile to ensure that it is within the load capacity of the Hilka before using it,

Its quick release valve will save time and its durable cast-iron construction will ensure that this tool lasts for a while, helping you to always be ready for jobs at home or on the road. Despite its small size, this tool makes it easy to quickly jack your car up.

Any driver can lift, carry and use this jack with ease, since it only weighs 2.63 kg. Its low weight also allows you to take it on the road with you at any time. You will always have it available for quick repairs on the road, so no emergencies will keep you from conducting your business.

This jack’s lifting range starts at 181 mm and goes all the way up to 345 mm. This wide range allows you to use it with more than one vehicle in your household. Operating a jack can sometimes be cumbersome, but the Hilka has a large base which helps to keep it stable as you lift the car. Its handle is built with two sections, making it easy to use.


  • The Hilka 82200120 Bottle Jack has a hard plastic case. This makes it easier to transport the equipment safely.
  • Its compact design makes it easy to fit the jack in your car’s trunk.
  • It has a good range when it comes to lifting.
  • This is a jack with a high maximum load capacity of 2 tonnes that can be used with a wide range of vehicles.


  • Paint on the jack chips over time.
  • This tool is less powerful than some other jacks.


The Hilka 82200120 Bottle Jack is the perfect solution for many drivers who require a portable solution for emergencies. It is strong and can easily manage any vehicle that is less than two tonnes. This jack can fit under most vehicles, but you should measure your car before acquiring one, to ensure that it will fit.

Draper 39225 20 Tonne Bottle Jack Review

Draper 39225 20 Tonne

The Draper 39225 bottle type hydraulic jack is an automotive jack which makes it easier to lift heavier items conveniently without other manual assistance. The product is sold by Draper Tools which is a family owned business which has been selling a wide range of tools for more than ninety years in the United Kingdom

The Draper 39225 hydraulic jack has the following features:

  • Rated capacity of 20 tons, which is sufficient for most vehicles, roofs and other heavy items
  • has been designed with an inbuilt system to protect against overloading
  • the base is large, so that it remains stable even when a large load is applied
  • the saddle has notches for better grip
  • the handle is made from two pieces
  • weight of the item is 998 gram
  • manufactured to conform to Drapers high quality control standards


  • large capacity of twenty tons, which is suitable for vehicles and equipment
  • inbuilt overload protection ensures that it will not get damaged even if loaded beyond rated capacity
  • compact in size with height 25 cm, so it can be easily carried by the vehicle owner, in the vehicle, to fix any problem at remote locations
  • sourced by Drapers tools after extensive research so that it is useful to their customers
  • tested by the engineers at Drapers tools to ensure that it is of the highest quality
  • easy to use, detailed instructions provided
  • Can be used to adjust the height of the item being lifted between 235 mm and 440 mm
  • Tested to conform to relevant quality specifications
  • Ram saddle height adjustable
  • Guideline for usage provided on the side of the hydraulic jack
  • Good value for money, reasonably priced
  • Can be used for home repair and other applications also


  • Not following guidelines could result in damage


Hence based on the features described above the Draper 39225 hydraulic bottle jack, is a useful tool for vehicle owners as well as others who specialize who do repairs, since it allows them to lift heavy items easily and safely, with comparatively less effort.

Silverline 427711 Jack Review

Silverline 427711

Silverline 427711 Hydraulic Bottle Jacks 2 t – is a great bottle jack. It’s a stable and standard bottle jack. It has some great features. For any car mechanic, this jack can be of great help. Moreover, any car owner can also keep this in his/her car to maintain his/her car.

Main Features

This bottle jack is packed with features. It can lift small vehicles and it’s really easy to carry. Apart from that, it has more features. All of its features are discussed below.

This bottle jack has a strong body. It’s made of premium quality steel. As a result, this jack can hold a vehicle for a longer time. Moreover, because of its sturdy body, it’s safe to use.

Some bottle jacks in the market have a frail body. So it becomes risky to use them. But this Silverline bottle jack is durable and safe.

This bottle jack can lift a car from 158 to 308 mm. The jack can lift a 2-tonne weight car. So. it’s an ideal jack for any kind of small vehicle. You can lift your car and then you can change your tire. For different types of maintenance, you can rely on this bottle jack.

Moreover, in some cases, the jack can also be used in the construction sites. It can lift heavy objects and it can help the workers.

There is a valve in this bottle jack. The valve is for overload precaution. It can warn you before it becomes overloaded. So, you won’t meet any accidents.

This bottle jack is really easy to use. It has screws for height adjustment. It’s grip is also tight. Moreover, this bottle jack’s handle is truly convenient. Almost anybody can use it without any previous experience.


  • The overload precaution on this bottle jack is a great feature. It makes the jack safe to use.
  • The bottle jack (Silverline 427711) has a strong body. So, it’s durable.
  • The lifting range of this bottle jack is standard. You can easily use it to change your car’s tires.


  • This bottle jack can’t lift heavy cars. It can only lift cars (up to) 2-tonne weight.
  • This bottle jack has a standard size head. So, it may be a problem for some car owners.


Despite all these drawbacks, this – Silverline 427711 Hydraulic Bottle Jacks 2 t – is an impressive bottle jack for small cars. It has a safety precaution and it’s lightweight (2.4 kg). If you are a car owner, then you should use it. This bottle jack will surely impress you.

Buyers Guide

There are different types of hydraulic jacks and bottle jack is one such variant. It is a type of hydraulic jack that is placed in a vertical position. It has a number of uses and it is preferred by many end users because it has a high leverage and is ergonomically shaped and designed. It is therefore used in small spaces and can easily and snugly fit it into miserly spaces. These jacks are considered suitable whenever there is a need to lift vehicles. But they are not recommended for supports for a vehicle. This is because the jacks have a tendency to fall suddenly and they also could leak. This could lead to accidents.

What Is A Bottle Jack Made From?

Steel is the most common material that is used for making bottle jacks. Many variants of bottle jacks are also made from heat-treated steel. Heat treatment is required because it goes a long way in hardening the bottle jack. Heat treatment is also applied to some other materials because it again helps to harden the body as is the case with steel. This also helps in increasing the capacity of the jack when it comes to handling and holding heavy loads.

How Much Can A Bottle Jack Lift?

There are different types of bottle jacks and therefore you have to choose the one that perfectly meets with specific needs and requirements. They come with different lifting capacities and you should do your research and choose the one that is in line with the weight that has to be lifted. There are bottle jacks that can lift up to 20 tons or around 40,000 pounds. Hence, if you understand it correctly they can easily lift a full size Chevrolet Suburban of it can perhaps even easily be able to lift your Audi A8L. There are some thumb rules that one needs to bear in mind. The rating should be equal to three-quarters of the overall weight of the vehicle. So if you have a one-a-half-ton pound jack or around 3000 pounds it should be able to lift a weight of around 4,000 pounds. If you are using a regular passenger car, you should be fine using one jack stand and that too in one corner of the vehicle.

When Should A Bottle Jack Be Used?

There is no doubt that bottle jacks are one of the oldest and most commonly used hydraulic equipment devices in the market today. They are generally considered to be very safe. While this good news, its familiarity could often be the reason for accidents and other mishaps. There are instances where wrong use of this jack has led to personal injuries. The reason why accidents happen is because it is sometimes wrongly used as a load holding device rather than being used as a load lifting device. If a person is going underneath the vehicle and using this jack, you must keep this point in mind. It would be a cardinal mistake to use it as a weight holding device. This is one of the main and perhaps the only reason why there are bottle jacks cause accidents. Apart from this there is nothing wrong as far as the safety attributes of this jack is concerned.

This particular type of jack is the size of a bottle but it has the power to lift very heavy objects. The small sized appearance is perhaps the only reason why people try to use it wrongly and perhaps even at the wrong time. There are a few things that one should bear in mind when it comes to using the bottle jacks.

To begin with you must not use the jack unless it is placed solidly on the ground. The ground should be check for stability. The ground should also be leveled. You must also know how to place the piston ram. This will not damage the object or will not compromise any components. You also must ensure that the lifting points are secure and when they are not you must refer to the instruction manuals and be sure that the lifting points are perfect in all respect.


Hence, at the end of the day, there is no doubt that a bottle jack could be a great company for any car or other large sized vehicle owner. But it should be used with care and the right instructions should be followed.