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Bike Pump Asda – Comparsion of best models

Are you looking for a inexpensive bike pump that is made to last then Groceries ASDA in the UK has you covered. They have two quality Bell Sports options available: the Bell Sports Air Stomper 200 Foot Pump with Gauge and the Bell Sports Air Strike 550 High-Volume Frame Pump.

The Air Stomper retails for £6 while the more robust Air Strike costs £7. Without a huge price difference in these models your decision about which bike pump to purchase comes down to the features that each model provides.

Both bike pumps are small in size and designed to be easy to use. These Bell Sports pump options are reliable and come with gauges.

The main differences between the two bike pumps is the nature of their versatility. Each is capable of fitting Schrader valves but they differ with the other items that they are capable of inflating.

Listed below are the specifications and features of the Air Stomper 200 and the Air Strike 500 to help you decide which pump meets your over all bike pump needs.

Bell Sports Air Stomper 200 Foot Pump with Gauge

Like all Air Stomper models this pump is easy to use to inflate your bike tyres. Many people prefer this type of air pump because you can fill your tyres by stomping down on the pump.

Bike pump asda - Bell Sports Air Stomper 200

Because of the small size of this product it is easy to store when not in use and will not take up valuable space in your home.


  • Designed to only fit Schrader valves
  • Can fill tyres up to 100 psi with a volume barrel of 210 cm³
  • 1 year limited warranty


  • Durable steel construction that expands the life of your pump.
  • Easy to use gauge
  • Accompanying ball and needle cone to provide to inflate smaller objects.

Best Uses

Works well to fill bike tyres, rafts, footballs and small inflatable kids toys

User Feedback

This pump is efficient and works well. Many consumers liked that product was not hard on their back when they inflated their tyres.

Bell Sports Air Strike 550 High-Volume Frame Pump

bike pump asda - Bell Sports Air Strike 550

Whether you are fixing a flat on the road or the trail the Air Strike 550 is easy to use and will have you up and biking in no time at all. This model allows you the option of mounting your pump to your bike frame so wherever you go your pump goes too.


  • Pump length is 9″
  • Designed to work with Presta and Schrader valves
  • Inflates bike tyres up to 100 psi with a barrel volume or 60 cm³
  • 1 year limited warranty


  • 2 stage telescopic barrel design capable of pushing 35% more air per stoke that similarly sized models.
  • T- handle with soft touch that is easy to fold
  • Built in pressure gauge to ensure accurate inflation
  • Easy to use
  • Slim barrel design offers less resistance when filling all types of tyres

Best Uses

Works well to fill many types of bike tyres; including, mountain comfort, cruisers and some road bikes.

User Feedback

Most people found this bike pump to work well, be solidly constructed and easy to attach to their bikes.

Other reviewers of the product preferred the previous Air Strike model and worried about the accuracy of their integrated gauge.

Other issues that customers seemed to have was switching between valve types; though, this issue could have been resolved if people viewed instructional videos on how to accomplish this task.

Over all, this pump does what it says it will and fills your tyres with air. Any faulty pumps can be replaced or fixed at no cost with the 1 year limited warranty.


It is critical that your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure so if you shop at Asda then you have a couple of bike pump options available to you. One is more portable then the other but the price difference is almost minuscule.

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