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Car Tyre Bulge Causes and are they safe

A bulge in the tyre indicates damage in the casing of the tyre which is caused as it comes in contact with specific obstacles. In case bulges are visible on the sidewall of the tyre, it indicates that the cords, present in the carcass of the wall are severely compromised.

If you spot this on one of your tyres then do not ignore this kind of damage, it may lead to you being involved in an accident since there are higher chances of tyre failure.

In general this type of damage is caused by a variety of reasons including by driving of the vehicle over specific objects such as speed bumps, kerbs, at the wrong angle at excessive speed. This can lead to over-stresses of the tyre carcass and breakage of the individual cords.


Tyre bulges may be caused due to a wide array of reasons, while the most common one is the effect of the road on the tyre. Fore example a common scenario is when a driver misjudges a pothole and ends up hitting a tyre on the edges of the pothole and the dip may lead to sidewall bulge in the tyre. In addition to this, any sort of small collision may result in the transfer of the weight of the car to a single spot. This extra stress can lead to the breakage of a tyres inner lining, thereby leading the appearance of the bublgr.

Symptoms of a tyre bulge

The appearance of blister-like bulges on the surface of the car can lead to severe damage. It may be caused as the rigid internal frame, present in the tyre is damaged and let the pressure of the air to reach the more flexible outer layers of the tyre.

Excessive vibration

A specific amount of vibration is a prerequisite while driving, especially when you are driving on the poorly paved roads. However, if you are an experienced driver, you understand that too much of vibration is an indication that something is wrong. There may be several causes of vibration like the tyres may be unbalanced or misaligned or the shock absorbers are going. At times, the vibration is the result of a bulge in the tyre.

Weakening of the tyre

At times, the outer surface of the tyre may start weakening. The result is a bulge which is extended in the outward direction from the remaining part of the surface. The weak spot may result in a sudden blowout.

Presence of cracks in the sidewall

If you find certain issues in the sidewall of the tread, it is an indication that the tyre requires replacement. You need to check out for cuts or cracks in the sidewall. If you find any groove, cut or track which is visible to the naked eye, there are high chances that there may be a bulge in the tyre.

Tread Wear Indicator Bar

The latest tyres are equipped with tread wear indicator bars. Such bars are not that visible as the tyres are new. If you find one or more of the bars are visible on the top of the tyre, there are chances that bulges are there.

Is it safe to drive with a bulge in your tyre?

Having a lump or a bulge in the side of the tyre can result in devastating results. Tyres tend to lead to a tough life. They are subjected to a plethora of punishments such as speed bumps, potholes, ravaged roads, aggressive herbs. It may lead to a bulge which indicates that the materials, present in the tough sidewall of the tyre have been weakened.

As the bulges may be caused on either side of the tyre, it is crucial to take a look at the inner or outer sidewalls. The side walls of the tyre are composed of extra thick piles and rubber. Such materials are durable and strong which offer strength, structure, and shape to the tyre. In addition to this, it offers lateral stability to the tyre. Hence, it is considered to be a crucial element in order to drive safely.

It is dangerous to drive with the bulging tyre as they fail the MOT test. In case the tyre bursts at high speed, it may result in losing control of the vehicle, which may cause the accident. The bulging tyres may prove to be hazardous as they may result in blowouts without any notice.

Can a tyre bulge be repaired

If there is an appearance of a bulge in the tyire, it is a serious issue and needs to be addressed in no time. As you drive in a wide array of road conditions as well as speeds, the bulge may get bigger in size. As you wait for a longer span of time, the bulge tends to become bigger. It is not possible to repair the bulge, in general.

However, there are cases when the bulge in the tyre is caused due to a defect in the manufacturer. In such cases, the repair is covered under the warranty. As mentioned above, a bulge in the tyre may be because of hazards in roads like potholes or curbs. It is impossible to repair a bulge in the tyre and hence, it is a prerequisite that a mechanic should be called immediately in order to replace the entyre tyre.

Is a tyre bulge covered under warranty?

In case, the tyre is damaged by either of the below mentioned causes they are not included under any warranty.

  • A bulge may appear in the sidewall of the tyre owing to the result of the damage caused after coming in contact with the pothole, curb as well as other objects.
  • It may appear in the form of damage or dent on the wheel, present on the bulge, the appearance of the scuff mark on the sidewall adjacent to the bulge, bruise or cut on the tyre’s inner liner.

Detecting the bulge in the tyre is certainly not an end of the world. You need to take the tyre to the nearby repair shop for fixing the issue immediately and resolving the same. You should make sure not to drive the vehicle till the tyre is replaced; else it may lead to an increase in repair costs.

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