Schrader valve vs presta valve

Schrader valve vs Presta valve

Presta Valves and Schrader valves are the 2 main air inflation valves used at present especially on bicycles. This article is a good place to start with for those who have recently started riding bicycles as we will give you a overview of each type of valve, there advantages and […]

Bleeding a Trolley or Floor Jack

If your not to familiar with a trolley jack you may know it as a floor jack and it is a very effective piece of equipment that can be used to lift a car for easier maintenance and to remove/replace tyres. A trolley jack will lift a car using of […]

TPMS installation

How to Install a TPMS in Your Car

TPMS or Tire Pressure Monitoring System is a technology that ensures the cars are being driven on correctly inflated tyres to reduce the dangers of driving on low pressure or flat tyres. Many newer vehicles come fitted with a TPMS system as standard however you may find that if you […]

inflate a car bike tyre

5 Ways to Inflate a Car or Bike Tyre

Low pressure in your car or bike tyre can be dangerous, make your vehicle less fuel efficient and lead to premature tyre wear. Every biker or driver wants their tyres to last as long as possible. However, with under-inflated tyres, this can only be a dream. Low tyre pressure exposes […]

Snow Chains vs winter tyres

Winter Tyres vs Snow Chains

With the arrival of the winter season, it becomes dangerous to drive on snow-covered roads due to the consistent drop in the temperature. So you will have to take some special steps to prepare your vehicle for safer driving. One common method to prepare for snow and ice is to […]