Michelin Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge

Halfords Tyre Pressure Gauge – Comparison of popular models

halfords tyre pressure gauge

If you are interested in buying a new tyre pressure gauge, then you may be interested in acquiring the most popular tyre pressure gauge Halfords stock. Generally, there are two types of units; digital or analogue, and there are some well-known brands, such as Ring, Michelin and Halfords own units.

When you’re looking on the Halfords website you will find over a dozen different models that include both the digital and analogue versions.

At the time of writing the cheapest unit on their website was a pencil pressure gauge at £4.99 and the most expensive model was a digital tyre pressure gauge from Michelin priced at £24.99. To compare these models is not fair since they offer completely different features but it show s you that you don’t have to spend a huge amount of money to get a tyre pressure gauge.

The most popular and top rated model on the Halfords website is currently the Halfords Digital Tyre Pressure/Tread Gauge with over 150 customer reviews and a rating of 4.5/5.0. This unit allows users to find the tyre pressure and check the tyre tread depth.

It’s a handy unit that is small enough to fit into your glove compartment so you can check tyre pressure wherever you go. The large digital display is very popular amongst its users and it comes with a number of different measurement units including PSI, KPA and Bar. It has a range of between 5 to 99 PSI. In terms of price it only cost £9.99, so is budget friendly.

The most popular unit from another manufacturer on the Halfords site is currently the Michelin Programmable Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge with 26 customer reviews. This unit comes with a large backlit LCD display that you can use in low light conditions and incorporates a flash light so you can easily connect to the tyre valve in the dark. It will automatically start reading tyre pressure when connected to the tyre.

The unit is also very accurate with only a 1% variation and a range of between 5-99 PSI. However this is a priced at £24.99 when compared to the Halfords tyre pressure gauge unit we have reviewed earlier.

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