Holts Tyreweld 500ml

Holts Tyreweld 500ml Review – Fix a Flat in a Pinch

For drivers who’ve ever woken up to a flat tyre in the morning, when you’re getting ready to take the kids to school or go to work, you know this is the start of a day that’s going to get worse. It doesn’t have to be! Holts Tyreweld is a spray-on foam solution that will provide an emergency flat fix, if you can’t get to the mechanic immediately.

In this Holts Tyreweld review we’ll detail the appropriate uses, proper tyre sizes, and reasons why you’re always going to want to have a can of this solution in your vehicle, in the event an emergency turns up.

Tyre Sizes

There are three sizes available for Holts Tyreweld, which are 300 ml, 400 ml, and 500 ml. The can size dictates what sized tyre you can safely use the spray foam on, which is as follows

  • 300 ml is suitable for tyres which are 13 to 14 inches in diameter (small cars, motorbikes, etc)
  • 400 ml is for tyres which are 15 or 16 inches in diameter (midsize cars, sedan, coupe, etc)
  • 500 ml is for tyres with a diameter of 17 inches or larger (larger cars, SUV, vans, etc)

Depending on the size of your vehicle and tyre, the Holts Tyreweld foam spray can you’ll purchase should follow the guidelines above.

Holts Tyreweld Uses

The product is intended as an emergency fix. This means it should be used in situations where you have a flat or deflated tyre and can’t get to a mechanic immediately. It’s similar to having a spare tyre for short drives, but shouldn’t be used for driving long distances once applied. Furthermore, it’s important for owners to take their vehicle to the mechanic as soon as possible, to either repair the flat or change the tyre if it can’t be repaired. Best use of the solution is for emergency situations only.

How to use Holts Tyre Weld

  • Shake and screw the connector to the tyre valve with the nozzle.
  • Tear off the red security tab and turn the twist-top to the “on” position.
  • Move your vehicle from a safe position away from traffic (if you notice the flat tyre while driving).
  • In under 2 minutes, a foam solution fills your tyre, and fills the puncture which is causing the air to leak and deflating your tyre.

To properly seal the puncture, you’ll want to drive your car immediately, for a minimum of 6 to 10 minutes. And, you should drive at a max speed of 50 MPH. In this time, the foam inside of the tyre will move towards the puncture, and clog the space, to prevent air from leaking and the tyre from deflating, until you’re able to take it to the mechanic.

Benefits of Use

There are several benefits of using this tyre repair solution over others. For starters, you don’t need any tools, tyre jacks, or lift equipment. Just attach the bottle to the tyre valve and it will do the work for you. It’s quick and easy to use. Another benefit is that the foam is made with non-toxic water based ingredients. So, it can easily be rinsed out of the tyre, allowing mechanics to repair the flat easily. It’s not suitable for run-flat tyres (which is the case with most products). It can reinflate partially deflated tyres to get you back on the road, without having to pay for a tow to a local service shop.

Tyre Can be Repaired After Use

Another great feature of this product is that tyres can be repaired when it is washed out of the tyre. The only reason a service shop wouldn’t fix the tyre is if there’s no way to repair the puncture. Since it’s a water-based solution, and non-toxic, it doesn’t cause any damage or strain on the tyre. Nor does it stretch out the rubber causing stress. As soon as you’re able to visit a service shop, they should rinse the tyre, and if it is repairable, service shops will fix the flat by patching or sealing it.

Final Verdict

As long as you’re using the right sized can, you can safely use Holts Tyreweld on any car, truck, van, or vehicle, with tyres from sizing 13 inches and up. It’s safe, effective, and refills a deflated tyre in minutes. It’s important to remember however, this is for emergencies only, it’s not a long-term fix for a flat tyre.

Holts Tyreweld is safe, non-toxic, easy to apply, and works in minutes. It’s an affordable alternative to carrying around a spare tyre, and far easier to use since no jacks or car lifts are necessary, Just attach the nozzle to your tyre and let the foam inflate it.

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