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Lezyne Control Drive CO2 Kit Review

In recent times, one of the biggest trends for cyclists is to carry CO2 inflators and cartridges in case of having an emergency. One of the things that you would not like to experience while cycling is to get a puncture. Using a CO2 inflator saves a lot of energy and works on the principle to use the pump up the tires for about 100 strokes. The Lezyne Control Drive CO2 device is an extremely simple and reliable model that is built to get a rider back on the track as quickly as possible.

The over-sized adjustment knob comes with a symbol and during freezing-weather pit stops, you can work it without pulling your gloves. The Control Drive operates on Schrader and Presta levers, and Lezyne also has a CO2 pump cover to properly shield the hands from freezing.

Make sure you do not have the lock fully closed on the control drive if you puncture the CO2 cartridges or you blast the O-Rings straight in the control drive with the Presta/Schrader valve. There were no extra rings provided which is a bit upsetting. Personally, this can be the biggest investment and we strongly recommend any cyclist to travel with a CO2 inflator and at least a couple of 16 g cartridges so which can help ride faster.

Each manufacturing company has its norms and protocols to design a device. Nobody wants an unpleasant experience as it may cause a negative impression towards fellow riders. Please check out some of the important features of The Lezyne Control Drive device to ensure you are well prepared for your next trip.

Key Features

  • The Lezyne Control Drive CO2 is a compact and lightweight inflator compared to typical lever-operated inflators.
  • Lezyne CO2 kit is a device which is specially built CNC with aluminum dispenser is fitted with an adjustable knob so that the flow of CO2 can be controlled.
  • This device is also compatible with threaded CO2 cartridges and includes a cartridge of either 16 g or 25 g.
  • It is extremely durable and simple to carry on a ride.
  • The Control Drive CO2 Inflator is a stylish and unique flat kit from Lezyne.
  • Built from long-lasting CNC-machined steel, the head of the Lezyne inflator can efficiently pump both Presta and Schrader valves.

In addition to all other CO2 inflators, The Lezyne Control Drive CO2 includes an enormous force adjusting knob to allow precise airflow control, making it simple to achieve target pressure and make fantastic adjustments. While testing, we found the control valve to be very effective which becomes closed in the anti-clockwise direction and opens up in the clockwise direction. This is done to fine-tune the pressure that you are elevating. This device is machined with brass that makes it anti-freezing and will last for several years.

User Experiences

The Lezyne CO2 kit is simple and beautifully designed to operate well. In a recently concluded survey, users found this device a big advantage for the users when they are riding in low light conditions or through heavy rainfall on the road trying to make a quick switch in the inner tube. The dual-head screws threaded on CO2 canisters ensures working on Presta and Schrader valves.

Several users tried to force the Control Drive into the valve and rotate the valve of the inflator to unleash water. The knurled circle provides excellent support and at the end of the head, there is a little graphic showing the direction of movement for opening and closing the inflator. You could open it up a bit for releasing gas. The lightweight head does not take too much space inside a jacket when connected to a canister, as there are no chances of unusual release of gas.


The Lezyne Control Drive CO2 Inflator makes it very easy to completely inflate on Presta or Schrader valves. It allows easy flow of gas control and has a jacket to protect the hands during inflation.CO2 canisters are quite common among riders who want to reduce the time spent on the road replacing a punctured pipe, resulting in super-fast deflation. However, similar products are flooding the market that connects into the canister to handle the flow of air.

With the production of CNC machined aluminum, this inflator will remain with you in the longer run. This is also beneficial for you since you do not have to repair or replace the inflator quickly. The aluminum knob helps you to precisely monitor the volume of CO2 releases into the tires. Be it Presta or Schrader levers, you don’t have to think about using any connectors because the Lezyne Control Drive supports both the levers. The entire Lezyne CO2 kit is compact making it a great inflator for those who are searching for an energy-saving inflator with a breathtaking look.


To protect your side, a CO2 cartridge sleeve goes over the canister. They become incredibly cold which can freeze-your hands which in turn may cause you for an urgent need of gloves. This aluminum CO2 inflator is compact and 100% CNC-machined. The twist function of the Lezyne CO2 kit makes it difficult for an effective deflation.

The face of the Control Drive slides straight into the levers of Presta and Schrader valves and places the rider in full control on how much CO2 they release at a time. The adjustment knob changes the CO2 output from a drip to a full blast. We consider the rotary knob to be very simple to operate with a hand while holding the unthreaded nozzle push-in position with the other hand. This can be difficult to manipulate than typical rotary levers or the ones that turn to power the pump.

The Final Verdict

A strong CO2 inflator will take you to higher pressure in a shorter period. Lezyne CO2 kit is a device that is built of lightweight steel and packs a powerful punch with an engineering drive which makes the inflation rapidly. The device has anti-freezing properties and available from a price range from £21.99 – £47.38. It should be a onetime investment for the riders since it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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