Meguiars Endurance Tyre Gel Review

Meguiars Endurance Tyre Gel Review

Meguiars endurance tyre gel continues to be the most preferred gel among enthusiasts with the desire to get durable performance and an elegant look. It was not given the name endurance for nothing as it can prevent your tyres from developing a brown color for a long time and can also withstand dangerous agents like UV light.


Given its potential and affordable price, this tyre shine product shows an exceptional value for your money. When properly applied, it can leave your tyres looking glossy and shiny for several weeks. The meguiars endurance gel comes in a thick gel form, making it very easy to apply. The silica-based formula enables this product to last for a long time under good weather.

Since your tyres go through take the brunt of force from the road, it’s best to make use of a product that maintains their life and at the same time, make them appear attractive. Meguiars endurance tyre gel does exactly that. Its unique formula has been made for modern day tyres and prevents it from becoming brownish and gets rid of the mess left by drips, overspray, spotted driveways and streaks. This tyre gel is available widely and can be found in almost all car cleaning supply stores worldwide.

How to Apply

To have the best result, follow these procedures:

  • Before attempting to go near any tyre with this gel, begin by cleaning your wheels with a meguiar’s ultimate wheel cleaner. For the solution to effectively and properly bind the tyres, you need to get rid of any residue or dirt from the walls of the tyre.
  • Make use of a quality brush if you require any agitation
  • After the wheels have been clean and dried, apply the endurance gel by using the tyre dressing applicator pad.
  • Apply a small amount (a one pound coin size) of the endurance gel onto the dressing applicator pad and evenly spread it across the tyre. With this tyre gel, a small bit can go a very long way.
  • Use the applicator to work your way around the tyre, so you can distribute the product evenly to all the tyre wall.
  • Clean any excess that you have gotten on the wrong areas to avoid product sling. To have a better shine, wait for ten minutes and then apply another coat.
  • After the tyre dressing, allow it for about 30 minutes to fully dry before making use of the vehicle. This is a precautionary measure to prevent having slings. Although meguiars is a non slinging product, it can sling less than other products that are watery. But any product can sling if your drive immediately after application.


  • Your tyres can remain black for several weeks when the weather is right
  • It is easy to apply
  • It is generally affordable
  • Made with a unique formula that prevents tyres from going brown
  • It is safe for the paint of cars
  • Can thoroughly clean tyres


  • It can leave a mess if not applied properly
  • It can stain your paint if not carefully applied
  • The container is flimsy and can break when it falls

How long does this Product Last?

When compared to other tyre dressings which can barely last for more than two days, meguiars endurance tyre gel can last for quite a long time. You would expect that given that it is called endurance. Typically, you can see results lasting for several weeks before requiring to re-apply. Given the containers size, and the little amount you need to apply on your tyres, generally, it lasts quite well and is a good value for your money.

Final Thoughts

Most car detailers/valeters in their washing process consider tyre dressing as the last touch. Selecting the right dressing to make use of and then making use of it can be hard work. If you’re looking for a tyre shine that doesn’t require frequent application, no product beats the maguiar endurance tyre gel.

There are several types of tyre dressing some are water based, while others aren’t. It all comes down to a matter of preference and what a product can offer. Generally, those that can guarantee UV protection are the best, since your tyres will be exposed to a lot of sun and other elements that can result to a faster wear and tear of the materials.

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