Oko Tyre Sealant Review

If you’re looking for a solution for preventing potential punctures in vehicle tyres that is easy, simple and quick the Oko tyre sealant could be the right option. In this article, we’ll give upi some more information about the Oko tyre sealant.

About the product

Oko tyre sealant is a substance widely used as an adhesive/sealant. The sealant comes in a liquid state and creates permanent seals.

It’s one of the best known brands on the market and is renowned for being one on the most effective puncture-resistant sealants.

Oko sealant works with tyres of dumpers, quad bikes, forklifts, wheeled diggers, agricultural implements, construction, equipment, golf carts, well barrow, mowers, sack barrow, and all sorts of industrial vehicle tyres.

How does it work?

As opposed to other sealants, designed to seal punctures, once the punctures happen. OKO tyre sealant is a preventive puncture sealant that can seal minor damage before it becomes a serious issue. It is 140% more durable as opposed to vulcanized rubber adhesive. It’s easy to use and is water-soluble. It can work both in the case of tubed and tubeless tyres.

As you keep on using the vehicle the tyre starts bearing wear and tear. When there is a small hole on the tyre, the massive amount of force generated as the wheel revolves when the vehicle is in motion, pushes the sealant to the opening so that the small opening get sealed completely. The sealant can sealnt a puncture of up to 10 mm diameter when they occur.

What you get in the kit?

You get Oko tyre sealant as off-road tyres. Labeled as Puncture Free off Road Tyre sealant, the can of the sealant adhesive comes in 1250 ml. The product weighs 1.28 kg and measures 30 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm.

When to use the tyre sealant?

Oko tyre sealant is useful for cyclists and it is equally useful for users of automotive as well.

You can use Oko sealant in any setup. It comes in different sizes of cans. It can be used to dispense in a tubeless system of tyres.

Ok sealant is a concentrated tyre sealant. You need to inject it into the tubed or tubeless tyre before a puncture occurs. This prevents loss of air and the tyre becoming flat. Thus, the product is to be used when the types are in normal condition. It’ll be ready to do the job when required.

Pros & cons

Oko tyre sealant can be of great use in case of emergencies and when used properly and carefully. The sealant has drawbacks as well. Therefore, it is important to consider both the pros and cons.


  • Oko tyre sealant is easy to use. You will not have to remove the tyre from the rim. You can use it even without having to remove the wheel from the vehicle.
  • It does not go bad. It remains in suspension state and is ready to start working when there is a puncture. The sealant will work for a long time to come.
  • It’s water-soluble and does not cause rusting of the rim. Further, it is an eco-friendly product.
  • It is economical – the price of the Oko tyre sealant is less than that of parts of the cost of labor for fixing the patch.


  • You will get few service centers repairing a tyre where spray sealant is used. In such a case, you will have to replace the tyre.
  • This particular version of the Oko tyre sealant range is not to be used for car tyres. It is for off-road products – for vehicles that go below 50 mph.


Oko tyre sealant is a simple, easy-to-use and low-cost aid for your vehicle. You can easily tackle puncture of size up to 10 mm size. Thus, it saves time and money you had otherwise to spend for repair. The 1250 ml size can is good for smaller tyres that are used on wheelbarrows, lawnmowers, golf buggies, wheelchairs, trailer and more.

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