Ring RAC610

Ring Automotive RAC610 Review

Ring Automotive RAC610 Compressor Review – Pros, Cons

The Ring Automotive RAC610 12V Compressor is very easy to use, has great features and comes at an affordable price which makes this item a useful asset in times of need.

That means it ideal for moments when you need to fully inflate a flat tyre.

Key Features

  • It has simple features and it is easy to use
  • It has a push button operation
  • It features an analogue display that shows the psi, bar and kg/cm²
  • It has a three piece adaptor included
  • It comes with a 3 m power cord and a flexible air hose with screw stem connector

Ideal to fully inflate any type of tyre, from cars to bikes and motorcycles, the Ring Automotive RAC610 12V tyre Inflator is a great compressor that will help you keep the right tyre pressure. Its great features make it easy to use and the low price makes it a practical buy.

One of the greatest things about this analogue compressor is represented by its design. Its features are simple, thus making it easy to use by anyone. In other words, whether you have used a compressor before or not, you can be certain that you won’t get any trouble using this device, as it is easy as pie. To make things better, all you have to do is to push the button and it works, thanks to the push button operation.Ring Automotive RAC610

The compressor has an analogue display that shows the psi, bar and kg/cm². In other words, you will be able to check the pressure from your tyre in order to inflate the tyre until it reaches the correct tyre pressure. In case your tyre is fully deflated, the compressor is capable of inflating it in approximately 4.5 minutes, having an air flow rate of 18-20L/minute.

Another great thing about this analogue compressor is the fact that it has a three piece adaptor included. It also comes with a 3 m power cord and a flexible air hose of approximately 48 cm with screw stem connector.


  • The unit has great features like the ease of use and the analogue display.
  • Available at a very affordable price.
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Practical and easy to use


  • Some users found the this model lacked power.

What Do Users Say

Thanks to its great features and price, the Ring Automotive RAC610 has earned many positive reviews. Users are happy with how it works, saying that it’s fast and effective. However, there were users who had some complaints about this compressor. They stated that the item broke down sooner than expected or that it isn’t powerful enough.

The Ring Automotive RAC610 has been reviewed by over 2054 customers on Amazon.co.uk and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.4 out of 5.0. You can read some of these user reviews below:

“I have had small tyre inflators that work off the cars electrics before and they have been useless. I was a bit dubious about this one but for the price thought it was worth a try given the reviews. I am not disappointed. It inflated a visually very soft (10 psi) car tyre to 36 psi within about two minutes.

Much quieter than others I’ve had although these things do make a noise so be prepared for that. The fitted gauge is a guide only – I found it was accurate to within +3 psi when my tyre was inflated. However, no-one should use it as anything but an indication – always check with an accurate digital gauge.”

A. Crawford, Amazon.co.uk Customer

“When I was searching for compressor I was bit confused which one to buy. But then I decided to buy Ring Automotive compressor and I’m happy with my selection because I thought It’ll take long to fill the car tyre but when I 1st used it. I was surprised as it finished the job in less then 2 min. Really Nice. I recommend this to every one. cheap and good quality.”

Asif, Amazon.co.uk Customer


To summarize, the Ring Automotive RAC610 (click to view on Amazon) is ideal for those who are looking for a simple to use analogue compressor. I highly recommended if you want a product that is capable of inflating different types of tyres in a fast and effective way.

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