Ring RAC635 Instructions

Ring RAC635 Instructions

Before giving you the instructions for using the RAC635 we would like to give you a background about the manufacturer and the unit itself.

Ring Automotive Ltd who is a winner of over 190 automotive product awards with a determination to bring innovative, high performance, ground-breaking technology to motorists and automotive professionals, has a strong presence in Europe. They also serve customers in over 60 countries with more than 6000 products at its best to offer. The thing that makes them proud is that the commitment to deliver the needs of automobile enthusiasts and professionals with world class standards.

The Ring RAC635 is a portable digital tyre inflator that can inflate your car, bicycle and motorbike tyres with ease. It weighs in at only about 1.16kg, and it is equipped with a backlit digital display that will allow you to set the tyre pressure that you prefer with accuracy. This portable air compressor has a dimension of 19.3 x 8.8 x 16.7 (HxWxD) cm. To make things easier, the tyre can be inflated in less than 3 minutes (up to 35 psi) which is just a push of a button away. As one of the most popular models to be sold in the UK, this compact one is on the top of the list.


Step by step Ring RAC635 instructions on how to make the best of the RAC635 when used with car tyres.

Before we go into the steps that involve inflating tyre, let us look into the RAC635 kit and what it has to offer.

  • A little bag/case to make the RAC635 handy and portable.
  • The tyre inflator
  • A very-easy-to-follow operating instruction manual
  • 3 sets of little adaptors (for car, bike and other common inflatable ones)
  • A cable that is attached to the inflator which has a 12 volt (in-car socket) in its end.
  • The air tube that’s tucked into the sides of the machine.
  • An integrated LED (white) light cum SOS (red) light to make it easy on a dark night roadside tyre deflation.
  • A clearly visible, large digital display

Step 1

Make sure you have everything present in the kit, if not you will need to take it back to the vendor to get a replacement.

Step 2

Before you start to connect any cables or air hoses find out what the recommended pressure will be for the tyre your inflating. You can find out where to find the recommended tyre pressures for your car.

Step 3

Make sure the power cable is completely unraveled.

Step 4

Connect the power cable to a suitable 12V power supply usually the 12V cigarette lighter outlet in the car.

Step 5

Now extend the air-line fully, so that it can be close enough to the tyre you want to inflate.

Step 6

Remove the tyre valve dust cap.

Step 7

Set the pressure that is recommended for the car (fully loaded or heavy cargo or the number of passengers) with the help of the yellow rotating dial.

Step 8

Connect the air-line tube to the tyre valve and press the power button. Now you could hear the compressor running and wait your 3 minutes or less for your tyre to be inflated back up.

Step 9

The RAC635 does have the feature of automatically stopping the pump when the desired pressure is attained (the small button on the side allows the air to be let out if the tyre is over inflated) and that means the job is done.

Step 10

Replace the tyre valve dust cap.

Step 11

Disconnect the power cable and air line and tuck the car tyre inflator inside your car so it can be used again.

Step 12

If your car has a TPMS system then you may need to reset the system once you have re-inflated the tyre.

Why pick the Ring RAC635

The Ring RAC635 can operate up to 100psi or 6.89 bar with the help of a 12 volt direct current which is good to go with any car that we use very common these days. The 12 Volt lead cable which is 3.5 meters long and the air tube or the air-line is about 70 centimeters which is good reach. The tyre inflator is good with any car, (say from a small hatch to any full size pick-up truck, because the generally recommended is a 35 psi for a 1 ton truck and equally big commercial vehicles) bikes, sports ball, air pillows and beds and other inflatables.

It is no wonder that Ring RAC635 has also bagged many honors to itself since its inception. In terms of user friendly, the list of accolades this tyre inflator owns is a lengthy one. To name a few, the varied pressure gauge (can be set with psi, kpa and bar), 3 piece adapters that never fails to do the magic, a save-our-souls (SOS) red light, the powerful LED light. And that means we are ready to overcome the tyre challenges on the road even though it is dark.

We hope this post about Ring RAC635 instructions was useful.

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