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Ring tyre inflator RAC635 Review – Portable and Powerful

The Ring tyre inflator Ring635 comes from an established player in the automotive equipment sector. So why might you need a product like the Ring RAC635.

Having the right equipment at your side for inflating your vehicle tyres is vital. You may find yourself in an emergency far from a garage or help to get tyre inflation services. And if you have under inflated tyres on a regular basis then going to get services every time you is time-consuming and expensive.

That’s why you could prepare for emergencies by keeping a portable tyre inflator like the RAC635. There are many tyre inflator models in the market, such that it gets difficult choosing the best. This review has gone a step ahead and carried out an in-depth study into requirements, features, and customer feedback. After care consideration we would easily recommend the Ring tyre inflator Rac635 to any car owner.

Things we considered

Before you start looking and making your choice, it’s better to be knowledgeable about tyre inflators. Below are some of the features that we considered when looking at this unit.

Pressure gauge

This is one of the most important features in a good tyre inflator. It will show you the amount of pressure in the tyre as you proceed to inflate. Some units will have analog while others will have digital displays. Digital ones are more modern and preferred. Digital displays will also get back-lit making them readable in poor lighting conditions. Some more advanced ones will come equipped with a warning light to alert oncoming vehicles making them multipurpose.

Automated Settings

Manually inputting pressure settings in a tyre inflator can be time-consuming and cumbersome. Having an inflator with pre-set settings allows for ease of use and eliminates sometimes costly errors. The pump will also set itself off once you reach the optimum pressure level.


This is a very important feature that contributes to your final buying decision. Remember, you want the ability to inflate your tyres anywhere and anytime. You can get far away from any inflation services and experience tyre problems. A portable tyre inflator will save you all those problems. The weight of the unit you intend to buy will be a factor to consider. You want something you can easily lift and place anywhere.

Operation Time

Here, you have to consider both the inflation time and the duty cycle. Inflation time refers to how long the inflation process takes to fully inflate the tyre. You will then be able to assess the wait time for your car to get operational. That can save you from danger if in a bad area. The duty cycle refers to the time it takes for the equipment to cool down after usage. An inflator with over 50 percent duty cycle can work continuously without considering cool off times.

Tyre Size

When looking for a tyre inflator think about the size of the tyres you want to use it on. Some inflators will have the ability to inflate large tyres while others will not.

Power Source

How your inflator gets charged is an important factor to consider. Think of a situation where you’re far away from civilization and the inflator power goes low. It, therefore, becomes essential to select equipment
that will use your car’s charging system. The one that will get plugged into your car’s 12V port located on the dashboard. That means a lightweight inflator with the right plugging facilities. The ideal inflator should also have the functionality of using electric power.

Introducing the Ring tyre inflator RAC635

Now that you know what to look out for when looking for an ideal tyre inflator, let’s discuss the unit this review is about. Most seasoned users call it the Ring 635 as its short name. It is simply a small-sized and powerful tyre inflator with the full ability to making your tyre inflation process a bliss.

Using it is quite simple, as you just set the dial to optimum pressure level, press the dial, and off you start. It will proceed to inflate up to the selected pressure level and then stop automatically. As it proceeds to inflate you
just relax and watch the digital screen with a back-light for the amount of pressure reached.

Ring tyre inflator 635 Main Features and Benefits

Power Source – This digital inflator is ideally built to be able to use either your car battery’s power or the electric power at home. You will be able to plug it into the car’s 12V socket or in your house.


The high performing inflator works using preset pressure levels. It will proceed to inflate up to reaching your selected level and stop automatically. As you proceed you will be able to see the readings on the lighted display screen.

Pressure Gauge

It displays the pressure in PSA, KPA, or BAR. Inflating at night gets safer and easier with the LED backlight with three available settings. You can set it to flashing red for a warning, white for attention, and bright light for illumination.


The unit cables are long enough to reach all the tyres. It has a deflation valve to allow for easy pressure adjustments. The unit comes with a three-piece adaptor-kit meaning you can use it on other things such as your bike tyres and even footballs.


The Ring 635 is a small and lightweight inflator. You can carry it around easily and even store it conveniently in your car. All its cable and other attachments also fit onto the unit for safe keeping.


  • The back LED light is an important facility at night or in foggy conditions.
  • The cable length is ideal for reaching all the car tyres.
  • The inflator is able to inflate a medium-sized tyre in less than 3 minutes.
  • It’s a nice and compact inflator.
  • The inflator is lightweight and portable.


  • It’s a bit noisy

User Experience

Our study took a sample of 1958 customer reviews rating the product with a rating of 1 to 5.

Having achieved a rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars, we consider the product worthy of our study efforts. That’s pretty high rating considering it’s a widely used and accepted product.

In summarized form, the top positive reviewer stated as follows:

“The inflator works quite well, although the PSI gauge is about 2 PSI low. But, that can be compensated easily by screwing on as you would do with the stem cap and then push the button. It will work okay’’. The reviewer gave it 5 out of 5 stars.

The top critic commented as follows:

“The pressure relief pump is an important feature. This inflator valve just flew out before one month was over. After unsuccessfully trying to screw it back, the user opted to apply glue to hold it. So, it’s still working but with little problems. User requests manufacturer to look into the issue, otherwise, it’s a good unit”. The reviewer gave it 3 out of 5 stars.


If you check the buying guidelines and the Ring 635 design and build features, you will note one thing clearly. The Ring tyre inflator RAC 635 meets virtually all the requirements of a good tyre inflator. Also tested for accuracy against other conventional air pumps, it scored highly.


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