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Toolstation Tyre Inflator – 3 Most Popular Models Available

Keeping your tyres at optimal pressure has several safety, comfort, and efficiency benefits. It improves road grip and brake performance, reduces wear, and can lower your fuel consumption. Under-inflated tyres can make for a bumpy ride, and could even cost you a fine and three points on your license. With all new cars coming fitted with built-in pressure gauges, keeping track of your tyre pressure is easier than ever. Having a tyre inflator on-hand will help you maintain that optimum tyre pressure, improving you ride’s comfort, safety, and efficiency.

Toolstation sells a variety of electric and manual tyre inflators. Here we have summarized for your convenience the most popular, highest rated ones on offer. Keep reading to find the best tyre inflator for you and your car.

Toolstation Tyre Inflator: Streetwise 250psi

toolstation tyre inflator Streetwise

One of the most popular models on Toolstation is the 250psi 12V Air Compressor by Streetwize. Small and compact, this model will barely take up any room in your car, and it even fits in most glove compartments. It is powered from the cigarette lighter socket, and takes about five minutes to bring a tyre up to 30-35psi.

This inflator is fitted with a 250psi pressure gauge, and it comes with two nozzles, a needle-type adaptor, and a special 3-piece adaptor set. With the latter, this tyre inflator can be used not only on car and motorcycle tyres, but also for bicycles, balls, toys, and a large variety of other inflatable items.

Perhaps the biggest draw of this model is its price: At under £10, this is one of the most affordable electric tyre inflators you will find anywhere. Although it may not be as fast as other inflators, and some customers have complained about the level of noise it produces, for a mere£9.60 this handy and compact tyre inflator provides more than decent value for its price.

Toolstation tyre inflator: Twin Cylinder Foot Pump & Gauge

If you prefer to go with the manual option, this foot pump by Draper is the tyre inflator for you. At 4.6 stars, this model is actually the highest rated inflator offered by Toolstation. With a sturdy, all-metal frame and a 4mm-thick steel base, this is a robust and reliable piece of equipment. It comes with a built in pressure dial, a 60cm hose with a lock-on tyre connector, and three accessory nozzles. This manual tyre inflator is perfect for bicycles, motorcycles, and cars.

Customers praised the reliability, versatility, and ease of use of this foot pump. It’s high performance was also noted, providing great value for money. At £15.49, this inflator is several grades better than similarly- or lower-priced models. If you need a manual tyre inflator, then this robust, efficient, and reliable foot pump is definitely the one for you.

Toolstation tyre inflator: Ring 12V Analogue

The most popular (and among the highest rated) tyre inflators offered by Toolstation is this 12V ring tyre inflator by Ring Automotive. Plugging into your in-car 12V socket, this model comes with a 3m hose (which winds up for easy storage), and a 3-piece adaptor set for use on bicycles, balls, and other inflatable items.

This inflator features an analogue pressure indicator with units in psi, bar, and kg/cm2, and a large on/off switch for easy use. It can to inflate a 13″ from 0 to 35psi in less than five minutes, making it quicker than many other models in its price range. At £18.98 this is an affordable, yet reliable and effective piece of equipment.

Customers generally appreciated the speed and efficiency of this tyre inflator, as well as its low operating noise levels. Also noted was the fact that with a long power cable and a longer hose, this inflator can easily reach all four tyres even on larger vehicles. Since both cable and hose wind up inside the inflator case, this unit is a compact and efficient addition to your car’s emergency kit.


There are other tyre inflators sold by Toolstation, of different types and in prices ranging all the way up to £50 and even £160. However, the ones listed on this page are the most popular among customers. They’re reliable, efficient, and provide great value for money. With manual and electric options, the models listed here will suit all your tyre inflation needs and preferences, and ensure your ride is safe, fuel-economical, and comfortable.

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