Best Tyre Inflator Reviews and Buyers Guide

 There are a ton of reasons why you should have a tyre inflator including not getting stranded with a flat tyre to ensuring you have correctly inflated tyres.

Safety is a critical reason since correctly inflated tyres ensure your vehicle handles better making it safer to drive.

Ensuring you have correctly inflated tyres will save you money by improving your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and reducing wear and tear.

Ring Automotive RAC610

In a Hurry – Here’s Our Top Picks

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TireTek RX-i Digital Tyre InflatorTireTek RX-i Digital Tyre Inflator

Ring Rac630
( Our Pick)

P.I. Auto InflatorP-I-Auto-Store Premium Inflator

Michelin Rapid 12262 Tyre InflatorMichelin Rapid 12262

Ring RAC640

Our Pick – Ring RAC630

Picking a tyre inflator can be daunting because of the large number of options available. After countless hours of research and looking at more then 20 different inflators we recommend the Ring RAC630 (click to view on Amazon). The RAC630 works quickly to inflate a tyre with an air flow rate of 28-30L/min. Easy to use, reasonably priced and a convenient size to fit into even the smallest car boot.

Ring Automotive RAC630
  • Well constructed
  • Easy to use, just plug in and wait for the inflator to stop itself
  • Built in torch, helps using the unit at night
  • Easy to read digital display
  • Quiet operation
  • Compact size makes it easy to store

Tyre Inflator – Buyer’s Guide

A tyre inflator should be in every motorists toolbox. In a motorists worst case scenario you could be faced with a flat tyre.

In many cases you will find that the spare tyre is also flat. The best tyre inflators will seamlessly inflate a flat tyre to its correct air pressure within a couple of minutes.

We only review and discuss tyre inflators in our Guide that are consistent best-sellers that also have high user ratings. This means that we don’t list every single tyre inflator model out there, which is why you won’t find every single model discussed on this page.

How to choose a Tyre Inflator

When you’re shopping for a tyre inflator, it doesn’t have to be a stressful decision. There are a lot of things to consider, but hopefully this guide will make it easier for you to narrow down what you’re looking for in a new inflator.

Below are the key factors that you will need to consider:


The most important feature in many peoples eyes is how quickly will the model inflate a tyre. Most inflators will take between 2 and 4 minutes to complete the task.

Power Source

Most inflators are powered using a 12V DC supply that you can access via a cars 12V cigarette lighter socket. This makes these units fairy portable so you can use them in emergencies at the side of the road.

However if you don’t have access to a 12V DC supply then you might opt for a mains powered model like the Ring RAC750  that produces an impressive 250PSI.


The weight of the unit you want could be a factor. If you find it difficult lifting then you may want to opt for a lighter unit. However you will generally find that lighter units tend to have less powerful motors and it will take you longer to inflate tyres.


Units will come with either analogue or digital displays and sometimes both. Digital displays will usually be back-lit so you can read them even when using a unit in poor lighting conditions.

Ease of Operation

Many people worry about using complicated pieces of kit so having a model that is easy to use makes life much easier. Some tyre inflators will allow a user to program in a pressure before starting inflating. This ensures you do not need to worry about switching it off when the correct pressure was reached.


The price of a unit is often a deciding factor in a purchase, cheaper models tend to have less features such as warning lights or torches. Budget units can be bought from around £10.00, with more premium models costs over £50.00


Some users are concerned with the amount of noise the inflator will produce during its operation, some tyre inflators a designed to have quiet motors that would be ideal if your worried about the impact on neighbours. The TireTek RX-i Digital Tyre Inflator Pump is designed with rubber feet that reduce the amount of noise produced.

Best Tyre Inflators List

Here’s a list of the top tyre compressors, we hope you can use the following information to find a model that suits your needs.

1 – Ring RAC630 – Our Pick

Ring Automotive RAC630The Ring Automotive RAC630 Digital Compressor is ideal to inflate tyres in a fast and effective way. Its features and price are two of the most important reasons why this automatic compressor is a practical buy.

One of the things that make this unit so appreciated among users is the fact that it is fast and easy to use.

This automatic compressor can inflate a fully deflated tyre in less than three minutes, having an air flow rate of 28-30L/min. To make things better, the model also comes with a deflation valve and its simple features make it easy to use for anyone who needs it.

The digital display with which the item is designed displays the psi, bar and kg/cm². Furthermore, the compressor also features a built-in light that indicates the direction and also alerts you in case of need. In other words, the white light is for direction and the red light for alert or SOS.

The RAC630 also features a fused 12 V power plug, an approximately 3.2 m power cord and a flexible air hose of approximately 53 cm with screw stem connector for ease of use and maneuverability. Moreover, the digital compressor comes with a separate pump and light switches.

Last, but not least, for safety measurements and storage, the product includes a handy storage case that will allow you to bring the item along with you when necessary or to safely store it in your house.


  • It has an air flow rate of 28-30L/min
  • It comes with a deflation valve
  • It features a digital display for psi, bar and kg/cm²
  • It has a built-in white light for direction and a red light for alerts and SOS
  • It features a fused 12 V power plug, a 3.2 m power cord and a flexible air hose with screw stem connector
  • It comes with a separate pump and light switches
  • It includes a handy storage case


The Ring Automotive RAC630 12 V Automatic Digital Compressor with LED Light is a handy compressor that can inflate a fully deflated tyre in less than three minutes. Thanks to its great features and price, this automatic compressor is an important asset to have around when your tyres need some extra air.

The Ring Automotive RAC630 (Click to check out on Amazon) has been reviewed by 1269 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.2 out of 5.0. 

2 – TireTek RX-i

TireTek RX-i Digital Tyre Inflator If your tired of using budget compressors that breakdown after a few uses then you might be interested in a more powerful inflator like the TireTek RX-i Digital Tyre Inflator Pump.

The model arrives is a molded plastic box that contains the unit itself, an extendable air hose, spare 15amp inline fuse and 4 free nozzle adaptors. The valve adaptors are screwed on, which for me makes them more user friendly then the clamp on type.

The unit is supplied with a spiral extending hose for that extra reach. It also comes with a 12VDC outlet and 2 USB outlets that are great for charging phones and similar electrical items. Just above the USB outlets you will find a bright LED safety light that you can switch on when using the compressor in the dark.

Just the weight of the unit give you some confidence that quality materials and workmanship have gone into producing it.

The unit delivers a maximum 150PSI and will inflate the average car tyre in less than 3 minutes. When you connect the inflator to a tyre it will display the current pressure and then using the + or – buttons you can set the pressure up to 150PSI before pressing the start button. Once the desired pressure is reached the unit will automatic shut off.

The unit is corded and is powered by plugging it into your car’s 12V cigarette lighter using the an extension cord that is provided.

Make sure the 12v socket you want to use will handle the current since some are rated at only 10 amps. If you are concerned about the supply then you might want to invest is a fused 12V Car Cigarette Lighter Socket Charger outlet that connect to the car battery.

The inflator is fairly quiet this is down to the engineered rubber feet reducing unwanted noise and vibration.

The digital display can show various reading including PSI, Bar, kPa or kg/cm². You can use the mode button to set your preference.

When you finished using the unit is has on-board storage for both the hose and power lead.


  • Powered by 12V Dc supply
  • Auto Shut-off
  • 3.5 metre extension hose
  • 2 x USDB outlets
  • 12V DC outlet
  • Maximum 150PSI
  • Digital Display
  • LED light


The TireTek RX-i Digital Tyre Inflator Pump is a well-built and durable pump. It’s reasonably quiet when compared to similar pumps due to it’s design.

The digital display and buttons easily allow you to switch from PSI to bar. If you work during the nights then the torch is a handy feature.

When your finished using the unit it goes back into a molded storage box that ensures your car’s boot is kept tidy. You also get a set of free adaptors to inflate balls, and a lot of other things.

The TireTek RX-i (click to view on Amazon) comes highly recommended by users. It currently has feedback from over 60 users on Amazon with an impressive rating of 4.8 stars out of 5.0.

3 – Ring RAC640

Ring Automotive RAC640The Ring Automotive RAC640 Air Compressor is a practical buy considering its price and features.

This compressor is not only great for inflating tyres, but it also serves as an inflator for air beds and other accessories that require inflating. In other words, this item is ideal for home and leisure use.

When it comes to inflating car tyres, the air compressor can inflate a fully deflated tyre in less than three minutes, having an air flow rate of 28-30L/minute.

As for beds, the inflator can inflate a single air bed in just 30 seconds. To sum up, the item is fast and effective no matter what you want to inflate. To make things better, the product is also capable to deflate item fast and easy thanks to the deflation valve.

Another great feature of this item is the built-in light with which it is designed. You have a white light that is suitable for direction and night use and a red light for alerts/SOS. Also for ease of use, the product features a preset pressure mode with automatic cut off. Furthermore, the item has a digital gauge that shows the tyre pressure in psi, bar and kpa.

Last, but not least, the product is fitted with a fused 12 V power plug, a 3 m long power cord and a flexible air hose of approximately 53 cm with screw stem connector. Moreover, the air compressor and inflator also features separate pump and light switches and air line accessories.


  • It has an air flow rate of 28-30L/minute
  • It can inflate a fully deflated tyre in less than 3 minutes and a single air bed in just 30 seconds
  • It features a deflation valve
  • It has a built-in white light for night use and red light for alerts/SOS
  • It features a preset pressure mode with automatic cut off
  • It has a digital gauge that shows tyre pressure in psi, bar and kpa
  • It is fitted with a fused 12 V power plug, a 3 m power cord and a flexible air hose with screw stem connector
  • It comes with separate pump, light switches and air line accessories.


All in all, the Ring Automotive RAC640 12V Automatic Digital Air Compressor and Inflator has great features and is perfect for those who are looking for a device that can inflate both tyres and different leisure accessories.

The Ring Automotive RAC640 (Click to view on Amazon on Amazon)has been reviewed by 431 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 3.9 out of 5.0.

4 – P.I. Auto Store Premium

P.I. Auto InflatorThe P.I. Auto Store Digital Tyre Inflator is simple to use. It comes with an on-board
microprocessor that ensures the inflator stops when its reaches the desired tyre pressure.
The Pressure sensor accuracy is really good at ±1 Psi so ensures you do not over inflate the tyres. This unit is capable of delivering  a  maximum of 150 PSI.

To power up the unit you can connect it to a 12V DC connection that you can find in your car. The dimensions for the unit are 17.8 cm x 7.6 cm x 16.5 cm making it small enough to be easily stored in the boot space of a car.

The unit features a set of bright LED lights that can be used in various circumstance. In fact
there are 8 separate LED’s that you can set to 4 different settings including; off mode, standard flashlight, flashing red, and emergency SOS.

If you have a large vehicle you might be interested in knowing that the cable length for this model is long at 13 feet, which should allow a user to reach any tire on any vehicle.

As with other compressors this one is fairly noisy however it is quick and accurate. It should be able to inflate a mid-size tyre from dead flat to 30 PSI within 4 minutes.


  • 12V DC outlet
  • Microprocessor monitors pressure
  • 150 Psi capability
  • 13ft cable
  • 8 LED lights with 4 settings
  • Durable Materials


The P.I. Auto Store Premium Digital Tyre Inflator is one of the best selling tyre inflators of 2021 and is often recommended by its users. It is a reliable and easy to use rapid tyre inflator.

A handy piece of kit to have in your car or garage the P.I. Auto Inflator (Click to checkout on Amazon) has over 550 user reviews on Amazon with a rating of 4.6 stars out of 5.0.

5 – Michelin 12262 Inflator Rapid

Michelin 12262 Inflator RapidWhat makes the Michelin 12262 Inflator a popular choice among car users is the fact that it has great features that come at an affordable price. The fact that it can inflate both tyres and other inflatable items makes it a great product to have at home or in your vehicle when needed.

One of the great features of this electric tyre inflator is the fact that it features a digital display. Therefore, you will be able to see when the tyres reach the correct tyre pressure. Moreover, the digital readout is back-lit and can measure the pressure in both psi and bar. Also, the pressure gauge is back-lit and easy to detach. To make things better, the device also features LED lights for an easy night use.

Another great thing about this electric tyre inflator is that it has all the connectors and adaptors that you need to inflate tyres and a wide range of inflatable items like inflatable balls and toys. The inflator can fully inflate a deflated tyre in less than 3 minutes. In other words, it is easy to use and also very fast.

The item is designed to be small in order to be easy to store in the car or in the house. Furthermore, it comes with a 12 V vehicle adapter, which allows you to use it whenever you desire, regardless of where you are. It also features a cable and a hose.


  • It features a digital display with a backlit readout that can measure the pressure in psi and bar
  • It features a detachable pressure gauge
  • It is designed with LED lights for ease of use during night time
  • It comes with connectors and adaptors for inflating tyres and a wide range of inflatable items
  • It comes with a 12 V vehicle adapter, a cable and a hose


The Michelin 12262 Inflator Rapid is an easy to use tyre inflator that you can use at the side of the road or on your drive saving you the hassle of going to the petrol station.

It comes with a handy back light display, the pressure readings are accurate, and it is fast at inflating tyres. The unit comes with a convenient cable storage compartment so there’s no need for you to squash the cable when you ready to store the unit.

For those users fed up of using those fiddly clip on adaptors you will be glad that you get the screw in connectors with the Michelin 12262.

The Michelin 12262 Inflator Rapid (Click to checkout on Amazon) has feedback fro over 100 customers on Amazon and has been given customer rating of 4 stars out of 5.0.

6 – Ring Automotive RAC610 – Best Budget

Ring Automotive RAC610The Ring RAC610 Inflator is a budget model that will definitely save you time and money in having to make a trip to a petrol station to pump up your tyres.

It is compact with the following dimension H14.7, W16.9, D8.6cm, which makes it easy to store the compressor in the boot of your car.

With a maximum 100PSI it can inflate tyres in just a few minutes and takes approximately 5 minutes to inflate a 14 inch car tyre.

It comes in robust plastic with an analogue gauge to display the pressure and a push button to start the inflator.

The unit is easy to use, all you need to do is connect the air hose to the tyre, plug the power cord into a suitable 12V DC power supply and then click the start button. The analogue gauge is fairly good, its easy to judge and is accurate.

The unit also comes with 3 adapters to inflate various inflatables such as footballs. The cable is a good length at 3 meters allowing you to reach all the wheels of your car. The nozzle and cable all wind up inside the unit with no bends or twists after use.


  • 100PSI.
  • 12V DC.
  • 3 metre cable.
  • Analogue display.
  • Adaptor kit included.


The Ring Automotive RAC610 (Click to view on Amazon) works well and does exactly what its expected to do. Its easy to use and is small enough to fit under your seat or in the boot. It is supplied with a variety of adapters, so can it can be used for various inflatables including bike tyres/paddling pools etc.

This model gets a thumbs up by users who are all to ready to recommended it to others. This is a budget inflator that quickly inflates tyres so you won’t get those extra frills like a work torch.

It has scored good users ratings across various online retailers. It has a user rating of 4.3 stars out of 5.0 on Amazon. And it has a rating of 4.5/5.0 from users on Argos.

7 – AA Tyre Inflator (RCP-C43L)

AA Tyre Inflator When you open the box for the AA tyre inflator you will find the compressor with an attached power cable and air hose that cannot be detached. You also get a set of 2 additional air nozzles and the instructions.

The unit is a fairly compact measuring in at approximately 13.2 x 5.2 x 11.4 cm so will easily fit into a glove box. With a maximum pressure of 80 PSI this unit is capable of inflating flat tyres within about 5 minutes.

It’s fairly simple to use with a single button to switch the unit on and off. To monitor the pressure the model has a pressure gauge displaying the PSI, BAR and KPA.

The unit comes with a long 3 metre power cable that allows a user to reaches all 4 tyres and it can be plug into the car 12V supply.


  • Compact
  • lightweight
  • Flexible air hose
  • 3 metre power cord
  • 12V DC socket adaptor
  • Max pressure 80 PSI
  • Internal LED light


This unit is easy to use, compact and comes with a good display of current pressure. It also features a has a handy LED light.

Due to its small size you do get a smaller pump capacity, which means it can take a little longer to inflate a tyre. However if space is at a premium then it’s perfect especially for use whilst traveling.

So how does the AA tyre compressor (Click to view on Amazon) rate with users. It has been rated by over 400 users on Amazon with a rating of 4.2 stars out of 5.0.

8 – Ring RAC750 Air Compressor

Ring Automotive RAC750Are you fed up of using under powered 12V air compressors. The Ring RAC750 is a mains powered compressor, so you will need access to a mains power outlet. This will mean the unit is less portable however with it being mains powered means its more powerful than the 12V DC models.

This unit is capable of providing up to 250PSI when means it can inflate a flat mid sized tyre to 35PSI within 2 minutes.

The pressure is displayed on the unit using an analogue gauge which various readings including PSI, bar and kg/cm2.

Both the power cord and the air hose store way conveniently within various storage compartments on the unit.

A common concern about this model has been the inaccuracy of the pressure gauge. However the instructions do recommend using a more accurate device to verify tyre pressures. You will find that when the unit is switched off the gauge is fairly accurate.


  • Requires 230V
  • Maximum 250PSI
  • Analogue Pressure Gauge
  • Cable Storage compartments
  • Storage Bag
  • Various adaptors


If your after a tyre inflator that runs off the mains then this is a definite contender. It is well made and powerful with a maximum of 250PSI. It comes with a set of adaptors and pressure guides.

If you don’t have a 12v socket to use then this is a highly recommended air compressor with loads of air flow.

This RAC750 (Click to checkout on Amazon) is highly sought after with good reviews and recommendations from users. It has received over 240 user ratings on Amazon with a user rating of 4.2 stars out of 5. However you might want to invest in a pressure gauge to measure the tyre pressure accurately.

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