tyre valve replacement cost uk

Tyre Valve Replacement Cost UK – How much could it cost?

If your tyre valves are leaking and you’re prone to getting slow punctures then you might be ready for a tyre valve replacement, but how much might it cost to get them replacement.

tyre valve replacement cost uk

You have a few options that you can go with. If you want to do all the work yourself then you could buy a suitable replacement kit from the like of Halfords but you will also need to get yourself a tyre valve tool. You will need this tool to replace the failing valve stem on the tyre.

If you go ahead with this option a pack of 4 Halfords replacement valves will set you back £5.00, the cost of the tyre valve tool will set you back another couple of pounds. So in total you might spend upto £10.00 replacing all 4 car tyre valves. When buying new valves ensure that you get the correct sized ones so that the installation process if far simpler.

Secondly, you could book your car into an independent tyre garage and get the tyre fitter to replace the valves. The advantage of this method is that you can keep your hands clean, just sit back and have the work done for you. The disadvantage might be the inconvenience of having to fit within the tyre garage’s booking time and the increased cost associated with labor required to remove the old valves and replace them with new ones. In this case tyre valve replacement cost can be roughly £10 per wheel including the cost of the valve. So if you needed to replace all 4 valves on a car it could set you back £40.00.

If you want to go with taking your car to a bigger brand autocentre like Halfords or Kwik fit you might find that the labour costs are greater then an independent garage.

If your pretty handy with tools and have an afternoon free then you could save yourself some money by doing all the work yourself at home. If you do decide to go with this option then ensure you do it safely.

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