tyre weld asda

Tyre Weld Asda – Can you buy a bottle from this retailer?

If your in need of Holts tyre weld then you might be in luck if your nearest auto parts store is out of stock since you might be surprised but tyre weld is available at Asda.

If your not from the UK then you might not be aware that Asda is a primarily Groceries business with a large network of stores across the UK. They also sell load of other lines from clothing, electronics and more. In more recent years they have begun selling well know products targeting the automotive sector.

This is definitely the case when you check the UK Retailers online platform. If your a regular Asda shopper then you might get various offers that may save you some money when going to purchase a product like tyre weld.

tyre weld asda
Holts Tyre Weld

And I have come across stock available in larger stores, especially the ones you find it retail parks just as your about to get onto a motorway. In terms of price when I last check a 400ml can of tyre weld would set you back £7.00.

Asda also offers a variety of other auto related products including tyre inflators and engine fluids like Redex Injector fluid. If you do need to use tyreweld then below is a useful video on how to use it safely.

As you can see in the video this tyre sealant is extremely useful in the event that you have and emergency puncture when its not possible to get your car to a tyre repair shop. It literally takes minutes to do its job.

Most cars are supplied with a basic tool kit that should include a small pair of pliers. If your tool set doesn’t have a set of pliers it might be worth investing in some, they should only set you back a couple of pounds.

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