Silverline 380153 Tyre Valve Repair Tool

What is a Schrader Valve Tool?

A Schrader valve tool is designed to easily and quickly remove the core of a Schrader valve stem. It can also be used to install the valve core. When you have this tool in your collection, you can conduct your own maintenance at home.

The tool may have a hexagonal design or other features which prevent it from slipping while it is in use. Top quality tools are made from aircraft grade aluminium, so they will last a long time.

A Schrader valve is a popular pneumatic valve. It is the one most people are accustomed to using on their tyre. The Schrader valve tool can be used to tighten the core, remove it completely, or install a new one. Many of these tools are also designed to remove Presta valve cores, so you can use them with almost any bicycle you have at home.

This tool allows riders to perform their own repairs on their motorcycle or bicycle. Since the Schrader valve has such a wide range of applications, this tool can be regarded as an essential part of your toolkit. It allows you to drive or ride anywhere with a great measure of confidence.

Typical Schrader Valve Tool Appearance

A Schrader valve tool is a small, cylindrical tube with an end that fits neatly into the valve core. While it is tiny, its design allows you to grip it firmly with your thumb and fore finger, so it can be accurately inserted to tighten the core.

It has a universal design, so it can easily fit any car, motorbike, or bicycle. It is usually made of durable and lightweight metal, such as an aluminium alloy, so it will stand up to the stress of repairs on the road.

Once the core of a tyre is removed, the tyre will deflate, allowing you to remove it for repairs at home, or on the road. Its dimensions allow you to effortlessly transport the tool wherever you go for work. A typical tool weighs 0.8 ounces and at 4.9 x 3.8 x 1.3 inches, it will fit your tool bag with ease.

Its length helps you to reach the valve core without any problems. You can remove the core and apply a little sealant for a quick fix. Having this tool in your possession eliminates the need for you to remove the tyre from the rim.

How much does the Schrader Valve Tool Cost?

UK residents who want to ensure that they always have a Schrader valve tool with them can get one for about £6.

This price usually covers a single tool and you may also receive replacement valve cores. The valve cores may be coated with nickel to help improve their performance. The basic tools in this price range are often made from an aluminium alloy that will stand up to regular use.

How to Use the Schrader Valve Tool

Many people carry a Schrader valve tool with them on their bicycle when they go on long trips. That way, they can conduct their own tyre repairs during emergencies and be back on the road in no time.

Do not rush when you are using the tool. Press the tip carefully into the valve core. Each Schrader valve tool should be standard but you might find that some match up with the valves more neatly than others. If you find yourself having difficulties with a particular brand, switch to a tool from another manufacturer.

This handy tool is easy to use. Make sure that you get one with a knurled grip, since these are easier to handle in rainy weather or when you are sweating on a hot day. Place it over the valve cores and screw cautiously to install or remove the inserts. Once it is correctly in place, turning it will help you to remove the valve core more effectively than using any other method.

What can go Wrong?

Several things can go wrong while you are doing repairs near a busy road or at home. Choosing a good Schrader valve tool helps to avert many of these problems.

While you are working on tyre repairs, your hands may be wet or oily. A Schrader valve tool can slip from your hands under these conditions. Choosing a tool with furled sides helps to prevent this from happening.
Sometimes a job may look more simple than it is. You may be doing regular maintenance at home, or attempting to pump your tyre, and notice that the valve is stuck.

When the valve core is removed, you may be able to clean it up and replace it, but sometimes that doesn’t work. Be prepared for situations like that by always having a few new replacement cores with you.
Sometimes you change the core and still don’t get the results you want. This may be because there is a problem in the valve stem. For example, the air seal inside the stem may be stuck.

Always be prepared to adapt. If you use the tool and that doesn’t work, examine another part of the system. Sometimes you may just need to remove and replace the tube.

Tips to Use it Correctly

Safety always comes first when you are using the tool. Ensure that repairs are conducted in a well-lit area. Remove as much grease from your hands as possible so that you can hold the tool firmly.

Some riders only use their Schrader valve tool when they have to conduct certain types of repairs. For example, if the valve gets stuck and is causing a slow leak, that would be easily fixed by applying a Schrader valve tool.

If the core is loose, this can also cause a slow leak. Always try to use a tool in a situation like that, since it was developed to help tighten loose cores without a hassle.

When you are using a tool, pay attention to how well it grips the core. Some do a great job of this whether you are working on your own vehicle or performing a professional repair job. If your tool is not grabbing the core securely, you may be better off switching to another unit that will help you to get the job done more quickly.

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