where do part worn tyres come from

Where do part worn tyres come from

For most people, part worn tyres are the best option especially if the car has been in use for a long time. Most regions don’t prohibit the use of used tyres but given the important role tyres play in a vehicle, such regions have rules in place to ensure the safety of motorists.

The UK, for instance, has some regulations that must be followed by those importing the tyres. The tyres must meet specific conditions such as having a speed and load capacity index with an approval mark from the EC and a mark indicating that the tyre is a “part-worn tyre”.

The tyres are usually imported from some parts of Europe and sold in the UK by reputable dealers. However, you should still be careful when buying one.


New tyres are usually out through a rigorous testing phase which includes the use of x-rays to determine the condition of the inside part. However, with part worn tyres, the testing doesn’t usually include x-rays. This means that you may end up buying a tyre that has some internal damage leading to loss of money and even accidents.

The importation of these tyres is also a concern. Since most are imported from regions like Germany, the thread depth is a concern. The legal thread depth of each country differs from Germany having theirs at 3mm. This may lead to you getting a low-quality tyre that has been used for a very long time and will therefore not serve you properly.

The fact that you’ll not be able to know the true story behind the tyre is also a disadvantage. You can’t tell how many times the tyre has been in use with the wrong air pressure, the number of times it has hit kerbs and the extent of damages it may have. These are all important factors to consider when buying a tyre and not knowing could put you on the losing end.


Although the minimum thread is low, it is still an advantage in some places like the UK where the minimum level is 1.6mm. This means that the imported part-worn tyre will still have some thread left.

The cost of the tyre is another major advantage. You’ll be buying a tyre at a very low cost compared to the price you would pay for a new tyre. Since buying such tyres is a gamble, you could end up with a very valuable product that ends up serving you for a long time.

How to Choose a worn-out tyre

To enjoy the benefits that a part-worn tyre has, you need to know what to look for and what to avoid. Start by knowing the standards that have been set by the legislation then buy from a dealer that follows those regulations. The tyre must not have any bulges or tears on the inside and outside and their cord or ply must not be exposed. It should also have its original thread pattern showing and at least 2mm deep and must not have had 10% of its width cut off.

Buying from a reputable dealer is a good idea because they’ll have a proven history of selling good products. You should also try to look for popular brands with a good reputation. Well, known brands tend to have high-quality tyres that will still be in good working condition even when sold as second-hand tyres. Finding out about the history of the tyre can be difficult but you should try to get as much information as you can. This is the best way to prevent having a tyre that is too damaged.

Always look for any signs of repairs on the tyre and check for signs of damages as well. Try to purchase in pairs so that your car won’t have too much instability. You’ll be preventing axle mismatch buy buying two.

Final Word

The fact that most part worn tyres are imported from Europe means that most of them are compliant with the regulations and are therefore safe. Even those that are found locally have to be compliant to be safe for the road. Avoid buying the tyre if you have doubts about its safety. While most go through the testing and inspection, others don’t and are therefore unsafe. Remember that even if you buy a part worn-out tyre, you may still need a new one after a short period.

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