Tyre Pressure Gauge Screwfix – Models Comparison

Hi. I thought I would write a post about on some of the available tyre pressure gauge Screwfix. At the present moment there are a couple of different models available. The two most popular both come with an analogue display. One is available from manufacturer PCL and the other one […]

Cleaning tyres with vinegar

Cleaning Tyres with Vinegar

Every single part of your favorite car begins to show signs that it needs cleaning, except for the tires. Tires come coated with a dressing that makes them look, depending on your preference, either shiny or matte. However, this dressing does not last forever, especially if you don’t clean the […]

Locking wheel nut removal tool

How to use a locking wheel nut removal tool

Having the perfect rims/alloys on your car tends to make the car more attractive and is bound to attract unnecessary attention. While the attention may make you proud of your car, it could also attract thieves and as such, put you in danger. This is where wheel locks and locking […]

quick release tyre inflator adaptor

Quick release tyre inflator adaptor

If you own a bicycle or motorbike then you need some essential tools that prevent you from making regular trips to the repair shop. A quick-release tyre inflator adapter is one of those tools that helps you when your tyres are out of pressure. Since deflated tyres are common among […]

where do part worn tyres come from

Where do part worn tyres come from

For most people, part worn tyres are the best option especially if the car has been in use for a long time. Most regions don’t prohibit the use of used tyres but given the important role tyres play in a vehicle, such regions have rules in place to ensure the […]

Are Part Worn Tyres Safe

In the current economic climate we all want to stretch our budget as much possible so that we can meet the demands of life. Buying part worn tyres has become a trend in the UK for motorists to want to save money or can’t afford brand new tyres. But are […]