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Why are Tyre Caps Important

When correctly installed tyre caps will offer additional protection; acting as a seal to reduce the loss of pressure from a potentially faulty valve. The also perform the function of acting as a shield, helping to protect the tyre valve from the mass of debris and dirt that is thrown up from driving surfaces and delivered by rain.

Two reasons they are important

  1. Act as a protective shield against dirt and debris.
  2. Act as a second seal for a tyre valve.

Often Overlooked

All parts that make up the tyre and rim are important including the humble caps. However they are often overlooked possibly due to their simple construction and high reliability. This is noticeable when you look at a row of parked vehicles or bikes, you will notice that many will often have at least one of their tyre caps missing.

Why do tyre caps get Lost

Most caps tend to go missing during the process of changing a tyre or when inflating one. I have done this myself. Perhaps this is due to the way the caps are usually constructed. They are small so can easily fall out of ones hands and the universal color is black. This means that when a cap is dropped on a tarmac surface it can be hard to distinguish the cap from the road especially when changing or inflating a tyre in poor lighting conditions.

  1. Small so can slip out of fingers.
  2. Black colour makes it hard to seen them on tarmac surfaces.
  3. Cheap so users do not make a massive effort to search for them.

Stop losing tyre caps – follow these tips

Since the caps are small you can easily put a cap in your pocket during a tyre change, this should reduce the chance of accidentally dropping then under the car or truck. You could paint your caps a different color so that they are easy to disinguish from any road surface. If you do choos to do this then ensure that you only paint the external surface of the cap and allow then to dry fully before screwing onto the tyre valve.

  1. Store in a small pouch or your pocket
  2. Change the colour of the caps – use a suitable paint.


As with any routing tyre mainteanance alwasy check your caps for any damage and whether they are loose. If the caps are damaged then you can easily pick up a new set to replace the damaged part.

When tightening a loose tyre cap ensure that you only tighten the caps so they are finger tight ensuring you are careful not to move the valve too much in the process.

Where to Buy

You will find that tyre caps are usually supplied with tyre valves. So if you buy a new tyre without the rim then you may not be supplied with a set of caps.

If you need to replace your tyre caps then yous should be able to pick up a set from any auto parts store and many online outlets. A single set will only set you back a couple of pounds/dollars.

Are Tyre caps Universal

When shopping around for new set of caps you will find that most as labelled as being Universal. This literraly means that they tend to be one size so should fit your tyre valve. However if you want to reassure yourself then you can check with the tyre supplier.

As mentioned earlier most units come in a black color, however if you want to customise you ride to include the caps then you can pick if customised caps to match the design your after.

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