Cleaning and Removing Dried tyre Sealant Safely

Most drivers or riders will come across dried tyre sealant after a tyre punctures. It’s when the tyre is taken to a professional to repair shop that they will see the extent of the dried sealant. In this post we will give you a time-tested way to clean dried sealant […]

locking wheel nuts

What are locking wheel nuts?

If your a car owner with alloy wheels you may come across a locking wheel nut when you have had to have a tyre or alloy replaced. There primary aim is to deter the theft of alloy wheels from a car. Locking wheel nuts are a relatively new entry in […]

drive with flat tyre

Should I Drive on a Flat Tyre?

Have you ever been in a situation when you car has developed a flat tyre and you thought can I drive on the flat tyre. The general answer would be no. If you returned to you car to discover a flat tyre then you shouldn’t move the car until the […]

CO2 Bike Pump

Co2 Bike Pumps vs Hand Pumps: Which is Better?

The comparison between a hand pump and a CO2 inflator has always remained a topic of hot discussion for cyclists and bikers all over. Both of these options have their respective pros and cons. To decide which one of the two types is better, it is important to go through […]


How is a Tyre Pressure Gauge Calibrated?

If you are a driver or a car owner, then you have probably heard about a tyre pressure gauge or might have had to use one. A tyre pressure gauge is a type of pressure gauge used to measure the pressure of tyres on a vehicle. Car tyres have been […]

low tyre pressure winter

Does Cold weather in winter affect Tyre Pressure?

A simple scientific fact is that cold weather leads to a drop in temperature. And what happens when the temperature drops well the air molecules move slowly and tend to keep together. When the molecules gain some heat, they move faster and this causes expansion. The concept of contraction and […]