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air hawk pro spares

Air Hawk Pro Inflator Features and Spare parts

The efficiency of a vehicle will decrease if the tires are not properly inflated and it will reduce the life of the tires. Hence many people who are driving their vehicle over long distances are looking for a suitable portable tire inflator which they can easily carry with them in […]

Skoda Fabia Tyre Pressure
Tyre Pressure Charts

Skoda Fabia Tyre Pressure Chart

Checkout the table below for Skoda Fabia tyre pressures. These tyre pressures are only a guideline, check the car’s manual for the recommended tyre pressures. We have used PSI as a measurement in our table, you can convert to either Bar or KPA pressure using our conversion table. In terms […]

Streetwize 150psi Digital Air Compressor

Streetwize 150PSI Digital Air Compressor Review

For optimal performance of a vehicle and higher mileage, the tyres of the vehicle should be properly inflated. Often visiting a garage is inconvenient, time consuming and expensive, so vehicle owners are looking for a suitable pump or compressor to keep their tyres inflated. While many vehicle owners have a […]

how to use a bottle jack to lift a car

How to use a bottle jack to lift a car

A bottle jack is one of the most commonly used tools in a garage. The tool works by moving a ram/screw vertically, which means these types of jacks are taller than most jacks. Therefore the standard bottle jack is not suitable for lowered vehicles however you may be able to […]

Silverline 427711 bottle Jacks

Common Bottle Jack Accessories

We have written an about bottle jacks before and how useful they are especially when changing tyres. Some of our readers have asked whether there are any accessories that will make using their bottle jacks a safer and more efficient experience. The answer is yes, there are various accessories that […]