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Does tyre sealant expire?

When stored in the original packaging, tyre sealant has a self-life of approximate four years starting from the date of the manufacturer. Note care must be taken when storing. For instance, it should be stored in a cool, dry place and away from children. The particular age of any sealant […]

does tyre shine damage tyres

Does Tyre Shine Damage Tyres

If your a car owner then I’m sure you want your car to look great at all times and this is even more important if your planning on selling the car. For most owners this can include regular polishing and buffing of the car bodywork, rims and cleaning the interior. […]


Why fill car tyres with nitrogen Gas

Have you ever thought that filling your vehicles tyre with nitrogen gas? Well, today in this article we’ll discuss why nitrogen gas could be substituted for normal air in your cars or bicycle tires. If your not sure what Nitrogen is its a gas that is inherently non-flammable. It is […]


Why are my Tyres Cracking

The problem of cracked tyres on vehicles is fairly common. In most cases this problem goes unnoticed unit something devastating happens. If you have noticed cracks on your tyres then you maybe have a few questions starting with what could be the reason behind such a problem? The causes of […]


Are Space Saver Wheels Safe?

Some car manufacturers offer a space saver spare tyre to help users during emergencies such as a flat tyre. These space saver wheels are smaller then the regular car tyres helping to save space in the boot thereby providing more storage space. These are lightweight than full-sized spare tyres. However, […]