When to check tyre pressure hot or cold?

Maintenance of a tyre is critical to ensuring your vehicle is safe to be driven. Ensuring tyres are correctly inflated is a simple task for even a novice driver and a prerequisite for the optimum performance of the vehicle. If the tyre is inflated in a correct manner, it is […]

How Do I Find The Correct Tyre Pressure For My Car?

We often tend to neglect the smaller less obvious details about our car that can significantly affect the car’s efficiency. One such significant factor, which the car’s overall performance strongly relies on, is the tyre pressure. The issue regarding the correct or recommended inflation of a car’s tyre is a […]

tyre blowout

What to do if you have a tyre blowout?

There is no doubt in the fact that a tyre blowout can be a potentially dangerous and frightening experience for any driver. Though the total count of crashes, related to tyre blowouts has dropped tremendously in the past few years, the numbers are still high. In case the event that […]

tyre bulge

Car Tyre Bulge Causes and are they safe

A bulge in the tyre indicates damage in the casing of the tyre which is caused as it comes in contact with specific obstacles. In case bulges are visible on the sidewall of the tyre, it indicates that the cords, present in the carcass of the wall are severely compromised. […]