does tyre shine damage tyres

Does Tyre Shine Damage Tyres

If your a car owner then I’m sure you want your car to look great at all times and this is even more important if your planning on selling the car. For most owners this can include regular polishing and buffing of the car bodywork, rims and cleaning the interior.

An often overlooked part of the car that can be given the same treatment is the tyres. Using tyre shine tyres has become more common and they can be used to make tyres look like they are brand new. Generally once applied to tyres they will give them a great shine and tyres can retain that glossy black color.

For some car owners the question that may cross there minds is are these tyre shine products safe for tyres or are they damaging them?

In our research to answer this question we found a mixed picture. Tyre shine can be safe for tyres but it all depends on the type of tyre shine choose to use.

It would be wrong to completely junk these tyre shine products on the pretext that they cause damage to our tyres. We also need to exercise care and caution while buying them and using them. We will try find out the truth behind these products and decide whether it is worthwhile using these products to keep our tyres shining and bright.

Based on experiences and feedback from scores of car owners it is quite obvious that if you buy the right tyre shine products and use it the right way, you will not be damaging your tyre in any manner whatsoever. You have to bear in mind that these products are available either in liquid or aerosol forms. You also should be aware of the chemical composition of these tyre shining products. Further you also should know about the various other factors that might cause damages to the tyres either by cracking or browning over a period of time.

Be Careful About The Tyre Shine You Choose

Simple tips can go a long way in preventing cracking and browning of your car tyres. You must not forget the importance of regular washing your tyres with clean water. Further, you also must desist from keeping your tyres out in harsh sunlight for long periods of time. Prior to common belief, regular driving and usage of the car tyres could limit rotting and cracking.

Once these basic things are in place, there is nothing wrong in choosing the right tyre shine products available in the market. You must always go in for quality products and should not cut corners on price. Further, when you use the products, be sure that you follow the instructions correctly. Most of these products have clearly laid down instructions on the bottle and following them as best as you can would ensure that your tyre remains in good shape while also looking bright and shiny.

Aerosol Is Not That Bad At All

There are many of us who believe that we should stay away from tyre shining products that are aerosol-based. These are basically petroleum-based products and many believe that petroleum-based products could cause damage to the tyre exteriors. This is not exactly right. However, there are a few things that you must do before applying these aerosol-based tyre shining products. You must be sure that the tyre dressing is removed after each and every wash before you reapply. While some dressings are easy to remove others could be a bit time-consuming. However, none of them are difficult or challenging when it comes to removing the dressings.

Whenever your using an aerosol product ensure you are in a well ventilated area since the chemicals in an aerosol can be bad for your health. And when a aerosol can is finished make sure you dispose of it it a responsible manner.

Water Based And Non-Water Based

You can choose from dozens of options that are available in the market to get the desired shine that you aspire for. However, you must be aware that not all tyre shine products are made equal. They can basically be classified into two major categories and they are non-water based or water-based. The former have solvents or oil as the base. Both these types have their unique features, pros and con, but they are both equally good and are known for their ability to do a decent job. If the brand is good and known for its quality, they should not cause any damage to your tyres.

Having said this, there are reasons to believe that water-based tyre shining and dressing products are safer. You should do your research and it would be better to opt for a product that has a VRP grade to it (Vinyl, Rubber and Plastic). Almost all leading brands and makes are the same but for some minor changes and features here and there. Water-based tyre dressing and shining products are recommended because they are easy to wash when compared to products that are oil and solvent-based. In case of accidental overspray, it will be much easier to wash-off water-based products. You also can easily remove the excess that gets stuck in the trim piece or the bumper. It is like taking care of a baby. You would always like to use lotions and creams on babies that are natural and not irritating or damaging to the skin. In the same way, water-based tyre shining products while doing the cleaning and shining job, do not cause any damage to the tyres.

What About Oil & Solvent Based Products

When you choose a solvent-based on oil-based products, you do have some obvious advantages. The shine lasts much longer on the tyres. Further, they also may offer a slightly better protection when the tyres negotiate dirty terrains and rain water. These oil and solvent based tyre shine products are petroleum based as well as silicone based.

Petroleum based products are harsh and could damage painted wheel and other surfaces if they are not applied correctly. These are less expensive and come as aerosol based foams, but you could also get them in other forms too. They are also highly flammable and therefore should be handled with care and caution. Yes, they are less expensive when compared to other choices.

Silicone based tyre dressing products are known for their ability to offer a protective layer over the tyres and also the wheels. However, when you are washing the tyres and wheels, be sure that the silicon residues are removed properly. They are not easy to wash away and therefore some hard work might be necessary.

Why Do Tyres Turn Brown

It may not be right to blame the tyre shine products for browning or tyres. This has got more to do with an anti-ozonant substance that could lead to browning of the tyre as it ages and becomes old. Proper scrubbing and cleaning can easily remove the brown appearances. Only after thorough cleaning, should you go in for dressing or shining.


To sum up, there are no scientific evidences to prove that tyre shining causes damage to the tyres or turns it brown. However, having said this, you must choose good quality products and right usage is important. You must go through the instructions carefully and follow it to the last letter. You also would do well going through some good reviews and getting to know more about the various brands and makes of tyre shine products in the market.

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