Streetwize 150psi Digital Air Compressor

Streetwize 150PSI Digital Air Compressor Review

For optimal performance of a vehicle and higher mileage, the tyres of the vehicle should be properly inflated. Often visiting a garage is inconvenient, time consuming and expensive, so vehicle owners are looking for a suitable pump or compressor to keep their tyres inflated. While many vehicle owners have a foot pump for inflating their vehicle, it can be tiring and time consuming to use it. Hence some vehicle drivers and owners are using the Streetwize Digital Air Compressor which will automatically increase the pressure of the vehicle till it reaches the levels specified and then switches off. In addition to tyres, the compressor can be used for other applications like inflating balls, mattresses and other items.

Features of the Streetwize Compressor

The compressor is designed for providing a maximum pressure in tyres or other item being inflated of 150 psi . The maximum pressure levels which have to be reached can be adjusted, using the controls, with + or – , for increasing and decreasing the pressure levels required. The compressor will automatically cut off when the desired pressure levels are reached in the tyres or other item which is being inflated. This ensures that the tyre is inflated at the desired pressure levels and user does not to have to check the pressure levels manually repeatedly so that the tire is properly inflated.

A toggle switch is provided to switch the display on compressor on or off whenever required. The user interface of the compressor to adjust the pressure levels and check the pressure is well designed and is easy to use. A digital display is provided for the compressor to show the pressure levels when the compressor is being used.A two piece adaptor for connecting the digital display to the compressor is provided. There are separate attachments provided if the compressor is used with other items like balls or mattresses, floats for inflation. A power supply of 12 volts is required for the compressor.

To ensure that the hose connecting the compressor to the tyre or other item remains secure even when more pressure is being applied, the grip valve being used is strong. The flow rate for the compressor is 15 liters per minute and it can take upto 10 minutes to inflate a tyre from flat. The compressor is compact in size with dimensions 22 cm X 14.5 cm X 8.5 cm. Hence it is store the compressor since it will not take up much space, or keep in the car, so that it can be used in an emergency. The compressor is also light in weight, weighing less than one kg, so it can be carried easily from one place to another without much effort.

The compressor has some storage space, so that adaptors for the valve, hose and power supply line can be stored, when not in use. It has been designed for inflating tyres easily whenever required, especially during emergencies on the roadside. In addition to tyres, it can be used for inflating other items like toys, mattresses, balls, floats for pools. Most users have found it easy to connect the compressor to the device which has to be inflated, and also use it to inflate the item to the pressure level required.


  • Easy to use air compressor , does not require much expertise or experience in using it
  • Will automatically stop the pumping of air when the pressure levels in the tyre have reached the desired pressure levels, so the user does not have to monitor the pressure levels manually
  • Provision for adjusting the pressure levels
  • Has a digital display, which will display the pressure levels fairly accurately so further checking is not required
  • In addition to vehicle tyres, it can be used for inflating a wide range of items, so a separate compressor is not required
  • Adaptors are provided so that it can be connected to a different items like balls, toys which have to be inflated
  • Helps the user to save time and money since the user does not have to visit a garage repeatedly to get the tyre pressure checked and keeping the tyres inflated
  • Fairly compact, so it does not require much space in the vehicle, and can be easily carried in the boot of the car
  • The lightweight compressor can be easily carried from one place to another.


  • Some users have felt that he build quality could have been better.
  • Instructions leaflet could be confusing.


The Streetwize digital compressor is highly recommended when inflating vehicle tyres while traveling. For many it is considered good value for the money it costs but it is not flashy so don’t expect it to win in the style stakes.

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