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Safe Ways to Use Bottle Jack Axle Cradle

When we talk about getting maintenance work for your vehicle, you would typically need to lift it at some point. Whether you’re thinking of getting an oil change or a tire, while there are a lot other options you get various carrier ramps or also 2 and 4 post jacks, the best possible way of lifting your car is through the use of a hydraulic jack.

Most people become quite anxious when they think of using their bottle jacks. Some common thoughts going through their minds are:

Would the ground conditions be ideal? Would it be too unstable or soggy? Would the jack slip off from the mounting point or just tip over? Will the jeep come down on my top just after removing flat tire? Etc.

Most four wheeler owners have noticed a fair share of jack fails and stock scissor jack fails, bottle jack fails and hi-lift fails. A few of these might happen due to error from operator but most are because of lack of being stable at the jacks base and on various lifting points. The jack’s base is quite uneven and small that putting on a tire at back would lead to a lot of movement while maximizing the risk of jack failure.

Safely operating bottle jack axle cradle

So to avoid such instances it’s better to known about the proper operating procedure of axle cradle. Below we show step-by-step guide to get a safe operation for hydraulic bottle jacks.

You need to ensure that the axle cradle you are using will fit the axle of the vehicle you are lifting, check the diameter of the cradle.

  • If possible you can park vehicles on level surfaces. Parking on a drive or in garage would do the work.
  • If you’re dealing with an emergency, you must get a flat spot (If you’re moving the vehicle) and make sure to get away from traffic.
  • Wedge wheels at the vehicles other end from the jack (front wheels while you lift from rear; and rear wheels while you work at front side. This would be a fine way for protecting against the vehicle moving during a lift.
  • If you’re looking to give all up for longer time period, you can make use of bottle jack stands. It is good practice to always make use of jack stands while you carry maintenance works underneath the vehicle.
  • Check the jack for any defect and you need to be assured that now these are in usable condition. You can also go through the instruction manual. Check for leakages in hydraulic oil and be sure that you’ve got tight plug; typically on the barrels back. Also be sure that you’ve closed the release valve.
  • Mount axle saddle onto the bottle jack following the manufacturers instructions, some will require you to weld the cradle.
  • Move the jack under the axle ensuring the cradle lines up with the axle.
  • Slowly pump the handle in upwards and downwards direction to lif the cradle. When it connects with the axle continue lifting until you reach the desired height.
  • Place axle stands under the axle whilst you carry out your maintenance work.
  • Once finished with your work removed the axle stands and lower cylinder after you slowly turn drain valve in counterclockwise direction for making sure that everything works in proper manner.
  • At one end you get notched handle and this can be used for rotating release valve.
  • Now re-tighten release valve.

A lot of car issues can easily be worked upon by simply lifting the car through hydraulic jack, like tire replacement and other easy adjustments. For such reasons you require an axle cradle that is reliable and you can safely use it without much hassle.

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